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    I recently read the translation of Dr. Edward Bodowlski’s book, Stop Worrying and Seek Bezterment. Here are some of the chapter titles from his book:


    - What Anxiety does to the Heart


    - High Blood Pressure Feeds off of Anxiety


    - Anxiety may be the Cause of some Forms of Rheumatism


    - As a Favor to your insides, Seek to Decrease the Level of your Anxiety


    -How Anxiety can be Considered a Cause of the Common Cold


    - Anxiety and the Thyroid Gland


    - The Victim of Diabetes and Anxiety


    Dr. Carl Maninger, a specialist in psychology, wrote a book called Man Against Himself In it, he says:


    "Dr. Maninger will not give you the principles of how to avoid anxiety, but instead he will give you an astonishing report on how we destroy our own body and minds through anxiety and nervousness, malice and rancor, fear, and feelings of revenge."


    (And those who pardon men; verily, Allah loves the good-doer)

    (Qur’an 3: 134)


    Among the more salient lessons that we should learn from this verse is that we should have a sound heart, peace of mind, calm nerves, and a feeling of happiness.


    The French philosopher Montaigne once said:

    "l wish to help you in dealing with your problems with my hands, but not with my liver and lungs."


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