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    Do not be sad: for sickness is a transient state of being; the sin can be forgiven; the debt will be repaid; the captive will be released; the beloved one who is abroad will return; the sinner will repent; and the poor will he increased in their wealth.


    Do not be sad, for do you not see how the black clouds disperse and the violent winds subside? Your hardships will be followed by comfort and your future is bright.


    Do not be sad, for the blaze of the sun is extinguished by luxuriant shade; the thirst of noon is refreshed by fresh water; the pangs of hunger find relief in warm bread; and the anxiety of sleeplessness is followed by calm repose; the pains of sickness are soon forgotten after the return of health. It is only upon you to forbear for a short time and to be patient for a few moments.


    Do not be sad, for even doctors, wise men, scholars, and poets are weak and unable to defy or change that which has been decreed.

    'Ali ibn Jabla said;

    "Perhaps a way out will come, perhaps,

    We comfort ourselves with perhaps,

    So do not despair when you meet

    With affliction that weakens your spirit,

    Since the closest one comes

    To relief, is when he loses all hope."


    Do not be sad: select for yourself that which Allah has chosen for you.


    Stand if He causes you to stand and sit if He orders you to sit. Show patience if He has made you to be poor and be thankful if He makes you to be rich. These points are understood from the statement, "I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, with Islam as a Religion, and with Muhammad as a Messenger?


    And an Arab poet said:

    "Do not weave a plan for yourself;

    The people of plotting are destroyed,

    Be contented with our decree,

    We are worthier to plan for you than you yourself."


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