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    The Army of Elephants and the Flocks of Birds



    {And He sent against them birds, in flocks. Striking them with stones of Sijjil (baked clay). And made them like an empty field of stalks (of which the corn has been eaten up by cattle).}

                                                                                                                       (Al-Fil: 3-5)


    While meekness is a characteristic of most visual creatures in the universe, then the frightful horror constitutes a characteristic of their unknown counterparts. I will not say anything else ...I am not allowed to talk about myself.

    My reality encloses a secret which if it is revealed to any creature, his blood will freeze and he will cease to exist out of fright.

    I am one of the "Flocks of Birds," that was mentioned in the Qur'an. I am the Commander of Communications among the six wings of the Eighth Army of these birds. The number of armies is a secret as well as the number of birds in the Eighth Army. We launch wars only at the order of Almighty Allah. I will not say how many missions we have carried out, for this matter belongs only to Almighty Allah. "Every day He has a matter to bring forth (such as giving honor to some, disgrace to some, life to some, death to some, etc.)!"

    All what I can say is that those missions were known to the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds. As for us creatures, there are cascading curtains and thick barriers that separate between them and us and this is because of Allah's mercy to His servants.

    Allah has mentioned two of these missions in His last Book (The Ever-Glorious Qur'an) to mortals. The first mission was to strike the cities of Prophet Lut (peace be upon him). Almighty Allah says, "So when Our Commandment came, We turned (the towns of Sodom in Palestine) upside down, and rained on them stones of baked clay, piled up. Marked from your Lord, and they are not ever far from the Zalimun (polytheists, evil-doers, etc.)."

    During this mission we were not mentioned by name in the context of the verses.

    The second mission in which Almighty Allah has mentioned us in by name was the strike on the Owners of the Elephant... The Exalted says, "Have you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) not seen how your Lord dealt with the Owners of the Elephant? [The elephant army which came from Yemen under the command of Abrahah AI-Ashram intending to destroy the Ka'bah at Makkah]. Did He not make their plot go astray? And sent against them birds, in flocks. Striking them with stones of Sijjil (baked clay). And made them like an empty field of stalks (of which the corn has been eaten up by cattle). "

    I was the first one to receive the order. I screamed out and so the army gathered around. My scream made the farthest star tremble and its atoms shook out of evil omen, and the blood froze in the mountains' veins and its summits became adorned with deathly white snow. And a wave of mysterious terror vibrated through the atmosphere of the earth.

    One second after my scream, the whole Eighth Army gathered upon the branches of fear, the trees of terror and the desolateness of destruction and emptiness.

    The Commander of the birds asked, "Who has summoned us forth from the depths of Hell?"

    I said, "This is Allah's Will."

    The birds prostrated in terror ...while they themselves are originally the source of absolute terror.

    The Commander said, "What is our mission?"

    I said, “To strike an army heading towards the Ka`bah with the intention to destroy it."

    The birds bowed their beaks and dipped them in Hell-fire ... they delved into it with their beaks and brought out stones of Sijjil. At the same time pictures were taken of the attacking

    army that helped us make a quick estimation of the forces required to destroy our enemy. And, each one of the "Flights of Birds" was bestowed with a power enough to destroy Abraha's army. We organized our formations and plans in Hell-fire and headed silently towards the enemy.

    Abraha's army depended mainly on infantry, made up of cavaliers and armors … the elephants were the armors. Abrahas' army lacked an air force. This was where we had the upper hand over his army.

    We were on the way to bomb him from the air.

    The artillery had not been discovered until at that time ...but we knew that the artillery would not affect us. We were on our way to strike him with stones of Sijjil.

    In these stones lies an incredible secret. My revealing a part of it will only make its mystery even deeper. It would be centuries after our strike on Abraha that humans would discover the energy latent in the nucleus. They will invent bombs made of nuclear energy. These bombs will have a destructive power not present in unpossessed by traditional weapons. This nuclear energy in comparison to the stones of Sijjil is as innocent as children's toys. This is all I can say concerning the destructive power that was used against Abraha's army. These are the limits that I can reveal. I do not want to elaborate more.

    We were tremendous in number when we attacked Abraha's army. I was the first to see the armors of this evil army. There was a gigantic elephant at the head of the army and behind him were many elephants. I caught a glimpse of his trembling frame despite of my height. I knew that he was trembling because of the vibrations of the air. The elephant was sitting, and then he suddenly got up and ran towards the desert in an attempt to save himself. I threw the first stone from Hell amidst the army... Abraha's army blew up. The explosion was confined to a certain area. The destructive power was not allowed to explode in its natural way in the surrounding areas nor was it allowed to make a loud noise.

    The explosion was silent and was confined to the enemy's army. The explosion was controlled, not free. For, if it was allowed free reign, it would have completely destroyed the Ka'bah and all the surrounding areas and it would be impossible to save them after that.

    The explosion was silent. Its sound died of fear before it had even been born. And, the rest of the "Flocks of Birds" dropped the stones that they were carrying in their beaks. Later, historians will write that Abraha had retreated and his flesh was falling off piece after piece along the way.

    However, this description is not accurate, because the truth is that Abraha's army turned into an empty field of stalks of which the corn had been eaten up by cattle. They turned to be like the dung of animals. And finally the wind swept away what was left of Abraha's army.




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