Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The blessings in paradise

    Maqrur was facing a little problem. He was wondering whether he should get his wife, the beautiful Houri, a ring or a necklace as a gift. But where he could get the money from, and where he could get the gift from!


    Maqrur felt he could not ask his servant and so he asked his friend the Egyptian who said, "Call the one responsible for your palace and you will see what he can do for you."


    So Maqrur said to the one responsible for his palace, "I want to get my wife a gift."


    The man said, "At your service."


    He then gave Maqrur a key to the room of gifts and he took him there and showed him the treasury where all the gifts, which were fit for both men and women were found.


    Those precious gifts were made up of diamonds, rubies and chrysolite. Here we remember the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) l Where he Said, "In Paradise, there is what no eye has ever seen and what no ear has ever heard and what no mind can ever compass. "


    Maqrur asked, "How can we pay for such tremendous gifts?"


    The man said, "It seems that my master is still thinking with his worldly mind. Sir, those gifts are all yours and you can do whatever you want with them. You can give them to whomever you choose."


    Maqrur chose a necklace made of diamonds and a crown made of red rubies and green chrysolite and then he went to his wife.


    Maqrur said to her, "I brought you a present."


    She said, "You are my greatest present."


    Maqrur took the jewels out of his pocket and he put the necklace on his wife's neck and the crown on her head. Although the jewels were so beautiful the Houri was even more so, making the jewels vanish beside her outstanding beauty.


    Maqrur said to himself, "Allah is so Glorified. How can one find a proper gift for such beauty? Had not it been better if I had brought her a rose?"



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