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    The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth
      • "Man's knowledge of the origin of the universe is considerably limited.
      • The scientists have proposed hypotheses and theories of evolution that
      • are centred around one theme: the radiation era the premordial fireball
      • and the premordial matter and antimatter. The theories state that the
      • universe consisted mainly of strongly interacting particles. Premordial
      • matter and antimatter according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, eventually
      • annihilated each other; and the remaining particles formed the present
      • universe". The Qur'an presents the development of the universe in
      • relatively simple terms. Allah says, directing His Messenger Muhammad,
      • peace be on him, to ask the unbelievers:
    "Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two Days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is The Lord of (all) The Worlds. He set on the (earth) Mountains Standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measured therein its sustenance in four Days, alike for (all) who ask. Then He turned to the sky and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "come ye together, willingly or unwillingly". They said: "we do come (together), in willing obedience". 3. Macropedia. Vol. 18. p. IOOX. So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. and we adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the Decree of (Him) The Exalted in Might, Full of Knowledge"4. "Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of Creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?"'. "The concept of rending of one unit into two or more, the colestial «smoke» as referred to in the above verses are fact to which corresponds the factual scientific data. «Smoke», the English physicist and astronomer Sir James Jeans wrote: we have found that, as Newton first conjectured, a chaotic mass of gas of approximately uniform density and of very great extent would be dynamically unstable: nuclei, would tend to Form in it, around which the whole of matter would ultimately condense". On the basis of this theory Newton proposed that all celestial objects originated by a process of fragmentation. Needless to say the space program helped discover the homogeniety of the substances of which the moon, the earth and other planets are formed. «Such state 4. Qur-an41 :9, 10, 11, 12. 5. Qur'an 21: 30. ments in the Qur'an concerning the creation which appeared nearly fourteen centuries ago», Dr. Bucaille concluded, «obviously do not lend themselves to a human explanation»6. 6. Macropedia. Vol. 18. p. 1008.  
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