The Signs Before The Day Of Judgment

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  • The Signs Before The Day Of Judgment

  • The descent of Jesus at the end of time


    Abd Allah ibn 'Amr said, "The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said,

    'The Dajjal will appear in my Ummah, and will remain for forty - "I cannot

    say whether he meant forty days, forty months or forty years." Then Allah

    will send Jesus (alayhe salam), the son of Mary, who will resemble 'Urwah

    ibn Mas'ud. He will chase the Dajjal and kill him. Then the people will

    live for seven years during which there will be no enmity between any two

    persons. Then Allah will send a cold wind from the direction of Syria,

    which will take the soul of everyone who has the slightest speck of good

    or faith in his heart. Even if one of you were to enter the heart of a

    mountain, the wind would reach him there and take his soul.

    "Only the most wicked people will be left; they will be as careless as

    birds, with the characteristics of beasts, and will have no concern for

    right and wrong. Satan will come to them in the form of man and will say,

    "Don't you respond?" They will say, "What do you order us to do?" He will

    order them to worship idols, and in spite of that they will have

    sustenance in abundance, and lead comfortable lives.

    "Then the Trumpet will be blown, and everyone will tilt their heads to

    hear it. The first one to hear it will be a man busy repairing a trough

    for his camels. He and everyone else will be struck down. Then Allah will

    send (or send down) rain like dew, and the bodies of the people (ie the

    dead) will grow out of it. Then the trumpet will be sounded again, and the

    people will get up and look around. Then it will be said, "O people, go to

    your Lord and account for yourselves." It will be said, "Bring out the

    people of Hell," and it will be asked, "How many are there?" - the answer

    will come: "Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand." On that

    day a child will grow old and the shin will be laid bare." (Al-Qalam

    68:42) (Muslim)

    Abu Hurairah said, "The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, 'The

    son of Mary will come down as a just leader. He will break the cross, and

    kill the pigs. Peace will prevail and people will use their swords as

    sickles. Every harmful beast will be made harmless; the sky will send down

    rain in abundance, and the earth will bring forth its blessings. A child

    will play with a fox and not come to any harm; a wolf will graze with

    sheep and a lion with cattle, without harming them." (Ahmad)

    Abu Hurairah said, "The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, 'By

    Him in Whose hand is my soul, surely the son of Mary will come down among

    you as a just ruler. He will break the cross, kill the pigs and abolish

    the Jizyah. Wealth will be in such abundance that no-one will care about

    it, and a single prostration in prayer will be better than the world and

    all that is in it." Abu Hurairah said, 'If you wish, recite the Ayah:

    "And there is none of the People of the Book but must believe in him

    before his death; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against

    them ..." (Al-Nisa 4:159) (Bukhari, Muslim)

    Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said,

    "The Prophets are like brothers; they have different mothers but their

    religion is one.Iam the closest of all the people to Jesus son of Mary,

    because there is no other Prophet between him and myself. He will come

    again, and when you see him, you will recognise him. He is of medium

    height and his colouring is reddish-white. He will be wearing two

    garments, and his hair will look wet. He will break the cross, kill the

    pigs, abolish the Jizyah and call the people to Islam. During his time,

    Allah will end every religion and sect other than Islam, and will destroy

    the Dajjal. Then peace and security will prevail on earth, so that lions

    will graze with camels, tigers with cattle, and wolves with sheep;

    children will be able to play with snakes without coming to any harm.

    Jesus will remain for forty years, then die, and the Muslims will pray for

    him." (Ahmad)

    Ibn Masud reported that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said,

    "On the night of the Isra (night journey), I met my father Abraham, Moses

    and Jesus, and they discussed the Hour. The matter was referred first to

    Abraham, then to Moses, and both said, 'I have no knowledge of it. Then it

    was referred to Jesus, who said, 'No-one knows about its timing except

    Allah; what my Lord told me was that the Dajjal will appear, and when he

    sees me he will begin to melt like lead. Allah will destroy him when he

    sees me. The Muslims will fight against the Kafirs, and even the trees and

    rocks will say, "O Muslim, there is a Kafir hiding beneath me - come and

    kill him!" Allah will destroy the Kafirs, and the people will return to

    their own lands. Then Gog and Magog will appear from all directions,

    eating and drinking everything they find. The people will complain to me,

    so I will pray to Allah and He will destroy them, so that the earth will

    be filled with their stench. Allah will send rain which will wash their

    bodies into the sea. My Lord has told me that when that happens, the Hour

    will be very close, like a pregnant woman whose time is due, but her

    family do not know exactly when she will deliver'" (Ahma, Ibn Majah)


    Description of The Messiah Jesus Son of Mary, Messenger of Allah


    Abu Hurairah said, "The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, 'On

    the night of the Isra' (miraculous journey to Jerusalem) I met Moses - he

    was a slim man with wavy hair, and looked like a man from the Shanu'ah

    tribe. I also met Jesus - he was of medium height and of a red complexion,

    as if he had just come out of the bath'" (Bukhari, Muslim)

    The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, "Whilst I was asleep, I

    saw myself (in a dream) making Tawaf around the Ka'bah. I saw a

    brown-skinned man, with straight hair, being supported by two men, and

    with water dripping from his head. I said, 'Who is this?' They said, 'The

    son of Mary'I turned around and saw a fat, ruddy man, with curly hair, who

    was blind in his right eye; his eye looked like a floating grape. I asked,

    'Who is this?' They said, 'The Dajjal' The one who most resembles him is

    Ibn Qatan." Al-Zuhri explained: Ibn Qatan was a man from Khuzaah who died

    during the Jahiliyyah (before the coming of Islam). (Bukhari)


    The Appearance of Gog and Magog


    They (two tribes or peoples) will appear at the time of Jesus son of Mary,

    after the Dajjal. Allah will destroy them all in one night, in response to

    the supplication of Jesus.

    Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said,

    "Every day, Gog and Magog are trying to dig a way out through the barrier.

    When they begin to see sunlight through it, the one who is in charge of

    them says, 'Go back; you can carry on digging tomorrow,' and when they

    come back, the barrier is stronger than it was before. This will continue

    until their time comes and Allah wishes to send them forth. They will dig

    until they begin to see sunlight, then the one who is in charge of them

    will say, 'Go back; you can carry on digging tomorrow, insha'Allah.' In

    this case he will make an exception by saying insha' Allah, thus relating

    the matter to the Will of Allah. They will return on the following day,

    and find the hole as they left it. They will carry on digging and come out

    against the people. They will drink all the water, and the people will

    entrench themselves in their fortresses. Gog and Magog will fire their

    arrows into the sky, and they will fall back to earth with something like

    blood on them. Gog and Magog will say, 'We have defeated the people of

    earth, and overcome the people of heaven. Then Allah will send a kind of

    worm in the napes of their necks, and they will be killed by it' 'By Him

    in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, the beasts of the earth will become


    Gog and Magog are two groups of Turks, descended from Yafith (Japheth),

    the father of the Turks, one of the sons of Noah. At the time of Abraham

    (alayhe salam), there was a king called Dhu'l-Qarnayn. He performed Tawaf

    around the Ka'bah with Abraham (alayhe salam) when he first built it; he

    believed and followed him. Dhu'l-Qarnayn was a good man and a great king;

    Allah gave him great power and he ruled the east and west. He held sway

    over all kings and countries, and travelled far and wide in both east and

    west. He travelled eastwards until he reached a pass between two

    mountains, through which people were coming out. They did not understand

    anything, because they were so isolated; they were Gog and Magog. They

    were spreading corruption through the earth, and harming the people, so

    the people sought help from Dhu'l-Qarnayn. They asked him to build a

    barrier between them and Gog and Magog. He asked them to help him to build

    it, so together they built a barrier by mixing iron, copper and tar.

    Thus Dhu' -Qarnayn restrained Gog and Magog behind the barrier. They tried

    to penetrate the barrier, or to climb over it, but to no avail. They could

    not succeed because the barrier is so huge and smooth. They began to dig,

    and they have been digging for centuries; they will continue to do so

    until the time when Allah decrees that they come out. At that time the

    barrier will collapse, and Gog and Magog will rush out in all directions,

    spreading corruption, uprooting plants, killing people. When Jesus (AS)

    prays against them, Allah will send a kind of worm in the napes of their

    necks, and they will be killed by it.


    The Destruction of The Ka'bah


    At the end of time, Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn, who will come from Abyssinia

    (al-Habash), will destroy the Ka'bah in order to steal its treasure and

    Kiswah (cloth covering). The Ka'bah is the ancient building which was

    built by Abraham, and whose foundations were laid by Adam.

    As Tafsir (interpretation) of the Ayah "Until the Gog and Magog (people)

    are let through (their barrier)'" (al-Anbiya 21:96), it was reported from

    Ka'b al-Ahbar that Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn will first emerge at the time of

    Jesus, son of Mary. Allah will send Jesus at the head of a vanguard of

    between seven and eight hundred. While they are marching towards

    Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn, Allah will send a breeze from the direction of Yemen,

    which will take the soul of every believer. Only the worst of people will

    be left, and they will begin to copulate like animals. Ka'b said: "At that

    time, the Hour will be close at hand."

    'Abd Allah ibn 'Amr said, "I heard the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa

    sallam) say, Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn from Abyssinia will destroy the Ka'bah and

    steal its treasure and Kiswah. It is as if I could see him now: he is

    bald-headed and has a distortion in his wrists. He will strike the Ka'bah

    with his spade and pick-axe'." (Ahmad)

    It was reported from 'Abd Allah ibn 'Umar that the Prophet (sallallahu

    alayhe wa sallam) said, "Leave the Abyssinians alone so long as they do

    not disturb you, for no-one will recover the treasure of the Ka'bah except

    Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn from Abyssinia." (Abu Dawud, in the chapter on the

    prohibition of provoking the Abyssinians)

    Ibn 'Abbas narrated that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said,

    "It is as if I can see him now: he is black and his legs are widely

    spaced. He will destroy the Ka'bah stone by stone." (Ahmad)

    The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, "The Hour will not come

    until a man from Qahtan appears and rules the people." (Muslim; similar

    Hadith in Bukhari) This man could be Dhu'l-Suwayq, someone else, because

    this man comes from Qahtan, while other reports say that Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn

    comes from Abyssinia; and Allah knows best.

    Abu Hurairah said, "The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, 'Day

    and night will not come to an end until a freed man called Jahjah holds

    sway'" (Ahmad) This could be the name of Dhul-Suwayqatayn from Abyssinia;

    and Allah knows best.

    'Umar ibn al-Khattab reported that he heard the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe

    wa sallam) say: "The people of Makkah will leave, and only a few people

    will pass through it. Then it will be resettled and rebuilt; then the

    people will leave it again, and no-one will ever return."


    Madinah Will Remain Inhabited At the Time of the Dajjal


    It has been proven in the Sahih Ahadith, as already stated, that the

    Dajjal will not be able to enter Makkah and Madinah, and that there will

    be angels at the gates of Makkah to ward him off and prevent him from


    It was reported from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa

    sallam) said, "Neither the Dajjal nor plague will be able to enter

    Madinah." As mentioned above, the Dajjal will camp outside Madinah, and it

    will be shaken by three tremors. Every hypocrite and sinner will go out to

    join the Dajjal, and every believer and Muslim will stay. That day will be

    called the Day of Purification (Yawm al-Khalas). Most of those who go out

    to join the Dajjal will be women. As the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa

    sallam) said, "Verily it (Madinah) is good; its evil will be eliminated

    and its goodness will be obvious."

    Allah SWT said:

    "Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure, and

    women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of

    purity'" (Al-Nur 24-26)

    Madinah will remain inhabited during the days of the Dajjal, and during

    the time of Jesus son of Mary (AS), until he dies and is buried there.

    Then it will be destroyed.

    'Umar ibn al-Khattab said, "I heard the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa

    sallam) say, 'A rider will go around Madinah and say, There used to be

    many Muslims here'" (Ahmad)



    *Dhu'l-Suwayqatayn: al-Suwayqatayn is the diminutive of al-Saqayn (legs);

    his legs are described as being "small" because they are thin. Thin legs

    are, in general, a characteristic of the Sudanese and people of the Horn

    of Africa.

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