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    English-English by Chapters
    1 similar    adj. same, nearly like
    2 temperament  n nature of a person.
    3 lenient       adj. not severe.
    4 merciful      adj.  lenient.
    5 solitude   n being alone.
    6 abstain v not to do something.
    7 establish v set up.
    8 complexion    n colour of the skin on your face
    9 slim     adj. gracefully thin.
    10 wise     adj. having intelligence and common sense
    11 solemn adj. grave.
    12 seldom    adv. rarely.
    13 polytheistic  adj.  worshipping more than one God.
    14 countrymen   n persons of one's own country.
    15 landlady   n woman who owns land or houses.
    16 lodging     n rented room.
    17 friendship  n state of being friends.
    18 reveal    v Inspire.
    19 validity  n truth, correctness.
    20 idolatry  n  worship of idols.
    21 enthusiasm   n great interest.
    22 worshipping  n praising and honouring.
    23 suspicion     n lack of trust.
    24  drapery  n trade of selling cloth.
    25 successful   adj. having gained a position.
    26 trade    n buying and selling.
    27 customer    n buyer. 
    28 preach  v explain a religion and advise others to adopt it.
    29 ardently    adv. with warm emotion.
    30 infidel    n a person with no belief in a specific religion.
    31 torturing    n inflicting pain on someone as a punishment.
    32 slave  n person who belongs to and  works for someone.
    33 intervene  v come in between.
    34 release  v set  free.
    35  brutally   adv. cruelly.
    36 whip    v  hit with a piece of leather.
    37 tribe  n group of people ruled by a chief.
    38 refuge  n place to hide.
    39 shelter   n  refuge.
    40 inhabit    v to live in.
    41 warring  adj. fighting.
    42 journey     n trip.
    43 experienced   adj. skilled.
    44 merchant     n trader.
    45 round trip   n trip to a destination and back.
    46 scoff at  v make fun of in a nasty way.
    47 sanity      n being reasonable, mental health.
    48 heavenly adj. from heaven.
    49 revelation   n knowledge given to the mind and soul by God.
    50 ruthless   adj.  cruel, without pity.
    51 emigrate   v leave a country.
    52 support  v help.
    53 anxiously   adv. with a strong wish to do something.
    54 besiege  v surround by fighting men.
    55 swordsman  n person who fights well with a sword.
    56 plot   v draw up a wicked plan.
    57 slip   v go quietly.
    58 depart v leave.
    59 trick   v deceive.
    60 web  n net spun by spiders.
    61 fruitless adj. producing no result.
    62 latter  n second mentioned of two.
    63 canopy n small roof over a platform.
    64 erect v put up.
    65 entrust v give someone the responsibility for something.
    66 mantle   n cloak.
    67 earnest   adj. serious.
    68 courteously adv. respectfully.
    69 disbeliever   n infidel.
    70 archer    n person who shoots with a bow and arrow.
    71 staunch adj.  firm.
    72 wage    v fight (a war.)
    73 era    n long period of history.
    74 vizier    n minister in some Muslim country.
    75 attempt    v try.
    76 stronghold   n place considered as a center for a certain activity  or belief.
    77 negotiator  n person who discusses to try to reach an agreement.
    78 conquer   v win land by force.
    79 convince  v   persuade.
    80 subdue    v bring under one's power.
    81 delegate  n person who represents others at a meeting.
    82 allegiance   n faithfulness.
    83 vital     adj. very important.
    84 household   n family or people who live together in the same house.
    85 everlasting   adj. going on for ever.
    86 summarize    v make a brief account of something which is long.
    87 recitation   n something recited from memory.
    88 fitter    adj. more suitable.
    89 task        n work which has to be done.
    90 emphatic     adj. strong.
    1 foundation     n  base. 
    2 far-flung       adj.  spread over a great distance.
    3 enlightened  adj.  free from ignorance.
    4 striking    adj.  remarkable.
    5  sub-tribe     n   under-tribe
    6 genealogist     n  one who knows families 
    7 trustworthy adj.  which can be depended upon.
    8 efficiency   n  ability to produce the required result easily.
    9  release     v  set free.
    10 unwavering   adj. not hesitating.
    11  attractive  adj.  pleasing.
    12 sunken   adj.   deep.
    13  forehead   n  part of the head between the eyes and the hair.
    14 endowed with        adj.  having some good quality.
    15  wide     adj.  large.
    16  acquaintances    n   persons whom one knows.
    17  tender-hearted      adj.  kind.
    18 compassionate    adj.  merciful.
    19  sympathize   v show a feeling of pity or sorrow.
    20  pity    v   feel sympathy for someone.
    21  weep        v   cry.
    22  captive    n  prisoner of war.
    23 ransom     n  payment asked before a hostage is set free.
    24 kind-hearted   adj. tender-hearted.
    25  win over    v  persuade by argument.
    26  feud   n  continuous enmity.
    27  rabbi  n  Jewish religious teacher.
    28  undoubtedly  adv.  with no doubt. with certitude.
    29 Old Testament   n  first section of the Bible.
    30 slap  v  hit with the hand flat.
    31 shouting  adj. speaking aloud
    32 contract   n  legal agreement.
    33  cut off     v   separate.
    34  agreement  n   written statement between two parties ac accepting certain conditions.
    35  peaceful co-existence n  living side by side without making war.
    36 characteristic   n  special typical feature.
    37 embrace  v   adopt.
    38  meticulously   adv. carefully paying attention to details.
    39  launch  v  give a Start to.
    40  for its sake  n  for its advantage.
    41 fiercest  adj. most ferocious, most violent.
    42  waver    v  hesitate.
    43 spiritually adv.  dealing with the soul.
    44  uplifted   adj.   given a feeling of happiness.
    45 eclipsed   adj.   made to appear dull by comparison, outshone.
    46  steadfastly  adv.   firmly.
    47  illustrate   v   show.
    48 wager  n  bet.
    49  incessantadj.  continuous.
    50 prophesying   v  predicting, telling the coming of a future event by any   procedure.
    51 rout   v  defeat
    52  ironically  adv.   in a mocking  way.
    53 significant  adj.  important, full of meaning.
    54  impartiality  n  fairness.
    55 redeem   v   buy freedom of.
    56  oppression n   ruling unjustly.
    57  disobedient  adv.   paying no attention to orders.
    58  differentiate  v   make a difference.
    59 nationality  n quality of belonging to a nation.
    60 aware   adj.   knowing.
    61  internationalism    n  the principle that nations should work together.
    62  conversion   n  the turning of a person to another religion.
    63  defection    n going over to the side of the enemy.
    64  esteemed  adj. highly respected.
    65 reverence   n  great respect.
    66  respect   n  esteem.
    67 obstinacy    n resistance.
    68  apostate  n  a man who has denied his religion.
    69  burden   n  load.
    70  shed    v  lose, throw off.
    71  huge   adj. big in size.
    72 vow   v make a solemn promise.
    73  rebel    n person who fights against the person in charge.
    74 tremendous  adj. enormous, very big.
    75  firmness    n solidity.
    76 outstanding  adj.   excellent.
    77 thoughtfully  adv.  with a lot of attention.
    78 counsellor    n  adviser.
    79  clemency    n  mercy.
    80  at stake  adj.   in danger, at risk.
    81 insurgent    n    rebel.
    82  repent   v  be very sorry for something.
    83  implicitly   adv.   without questioning.
    84  deliberation   n   debate, discussion.
    85  harsh   adj.  sharp, hard, cruel.
    86 angrily ad   v  in an annoyed way.
    87  right path       n  just way.
    88  congregation     n  gathering of people.
    89  praising     adj. v  expressing strong approval.
    90 stress      v  emphasize.
    91  whole-heartedly adv. completely.
    1 bewildered adj.  puzzled.
    2 crisis      n critical moment. 
    3 stretcher   n portable bed with handles at each end for carrying sick people
    4 funeral    n ceremony when a dead person is buried.
    5 elaborate    adj.  very detailed.
    6 unanimously adv. all agreeing.
    7 flock     v move in a group.
    8 oath    n  promise to be faithful.
    9 separatism   n  political ideal of separating from a large country.
    10 contribution   n money etc... given to help something.
    11 genuinely   adv.  truly.
    12 cancel   v stop something which has been planned.
    13 retaliate    v  attack back.
    14 mount      v  climb on.
    15 endeavour    n  attempt.
    16 stealthily   adv.  secretly.
    17 harm    n damage.
    18 booty   n treasure captured in war.
    19 prelude n  something which introduces something more important.
    20 urging    n  pushing to do something. encouraging.
    21 northwards  adj. towards the North.
    22 neighbourhood  n area around a point or place.
    23 nuisance  n something annoying.
    24 abolition   n  act of cancelling.
    25 gather  v  come together.
    26 pursue  v chase.
    27 ensue    v  follow.
    28 inflate    v  blow up.
    29 rearrange  v set out in order again.
    30 confiscate  v  take away someone's possessions as a punishment.
    31 headquarters n  main offices.
    32 subjugate   v subdue, conquer.
    33  warning   n notice of danger.
    34 get rid of    v  make oneself free from.
    35 prominent   adj. famous.
    36 dissident    n one who does not agree with the state.
    37 magnanimous adj. very generous.
    38  reinforcement     n  new soldiers! to support others already fighting.
    39  uttering      adj. speaking.
    40  battlefield    n  site of a battle.
    41  flee        v run away.
    42  avenging   adv.  paying someone back for a crime.
    43  betray       v be disloyal.
    44  scatter  cause a group to run in all directions.
    45  remnant    n small part that remains.
    46  hasten    v  move or act with speed.
    47  powerful   adj.   having great power.
    48  taunt   v  jeer at someone sarcastically.
    49 perplexed  adj.  puzzled.
    50  inquiry       n  formal investigation.
    51 scandalous  adj. disgraceful, shocking.
    52  withdraw  v  pull back.
    53  petition    v  make an official request.
    54 summon    v  call. 
    55  rusty    adj.  (of metals) covered with a reddish coating caused by water or rain.
    56 threateningly adv.  with a warning.
    57 disgraceful adj.  which you should be ashamed of.
    58  gloat   v take pleasure at someone's misfortune.
    59  skill    n ability to do something expertly.
    60 dispatch      v  send.
    61 pug-nosed  adj.  with a short, snub nose.
    62 claim        v assert, state.
    63 rudiment    n simple elementary fact.
    64 opportunist    n person who takes advantage of circu- mstances.
    65  luxuries     n things that are pleasing to have, but not necessary.
    66  dwell on v  think a lot about.
    67 nonsensical  adj.  absurd.
    68  flare        v to suddenly break out.
    69 eloquent    adj.  able to make good and persuasive speeches.
    70  assault  n  attack.
    71 fetter         n chain.
    72  spare           v keep from harming.
    73  rivalry       n competition.
    74  massacre   n killing of a lot of people.
    75 fortified     adj.  made strong.
    76 valiant     adj.  brave.
    77  fling open   v open suddenly or violently.
    78 brandish    v wave about.
    79 thrust        v push energetically.
    80  cavalry       n  soldiers who fight on horseback.
    81 treaty     n agreement between peoples.
    82  cunning   adj.  clever.
    83  mediator    n person who tries to make two opponents agree.
    84 settlement    n agreement over a dispute.
    85  spoils        n booty.
    86 keen       adj.  eager.
    87 orchard      n  piece of land with fruit trees.
    88  fulfill    v complete.
    89 scared    adj.  frightened.
    90  desperate  adj. hopeless.
    91  shallow    adj.  not deep.
    92  annihilated    adj.  completely destroyed.
    93 campaign       n  organized military movement.
    94  nicknamed     adj. given a name used instead of the real name.
    95 disturbance   n  trouble.
    96  expel       v  to force out.
    97  feast      n splendid meal.
    98  chieftain     n leader of a tribe.
    99 dash      v rush 
    100 treachery      n deceit.
    1 vanquish   v  defeat.
    2  peninsula    n  large piece of land jutting into the sea.
    3  buffer   n state between two areas of fighting.
    4 brethren  n brothers, members of same association.
    5  nomad    adj. travelling about, especially to find grass for the tribe's animals.
    6 rural   adj. not urban.
    7 taxation    n  taxes.
    8 arbitrary  adj. taken at random.
    9 gigantic   adj.  huge, colossal.
    10  remove     v take away.
    11 ascend  v  mount.
    12  resource  n  source of supply for what is needed.
    13  raid   n sudden attack.
    14  beret   n round cloth hat with no peak.
    15 evaluated  adj. calculated.
    16  regiment   n group of soldiers commanded by a colonel.
    17  murdering   n  killing someone illegally.
    18  dismount from  v  get off.
    19  foe    n enemy.
    20 forelock n hair falling over the forehead.
    21  gallop     n fast ride on a horse.
    22 plundered  adj.  seized.
    23 heap    n large pile.
    24  retreating      adj. withdrawing from a battle.
    25  ill-prepared   adj. not well prepared.
    26  recruited    adj.  collected.
    27 weigh up  v examine all the arguments for and against.
    28  strategy     n planning of war.
    29  ambush    n  surprise attack by hidden soldiers.
    30 rear    n back part.
    31 stubborn    adj. obstinate.
    32  flow   v move along smoothly.
    33 barren  adj. unable to have children or produce.
    34 divert   v to change direction.
    35 convey    v transport.
    36  fate      n destiny.
    37  storm   v capture by a strong attack.
    38  willingly  adj. eagerly.
    39 dignitary    n important person.
    40  ditch   n  long trench alongside a road, for taking away water.
    41  narrowest adj.  the smallest from one side to another.
    42 cohort   n group of soldiers joined together.
    43  overpower   v to overcome.
    44  obstinacy  n firm attention.
    45  juncture   n place where routes join.
    46 overjoyed  adj.  very pleased.
    47 onslaught  n fierce attack.
    48 deputy   n  person who has the power to act for others.
    1 daring     adj.  courageous, risky.
    2  merely indulging    adj.  simply enjoying the pleasure of.
    3 raiding   n attacking.
    4  military tactic  n way of using troops and guns in war.
    5  in the vicinity of  prep near.
    6 lagging behind    adj. walking slowly behind.
    7 under the leadership of    n under the orders of.
    8 manoeuvering    n  moving so as to get an advantage over an enemy.
    9  befall      v  happen.
    10 muster                       v  gather.
    11 plateau                      n flat high area of land.
    12  imminent               adj. about to happen.
    13  shrewd                  adj. wise.
    14 evaporation           n  process of turning liquid into vapour.
    15  offset                    adj.  counterbalanced.
    16  council of war     n meeting of generals to discuss a coming battle.
    17 zealously             adv.  eagerly.
    18  reverse                   n  contrary.
    19 martyrdom             n death for one's beliefs.
    20  tighten                    v to make tight.
    21  damp                     adj.  wet.
    22 drip                           v  make water fall in drops.
    23. conceal                   v to hide.
    1  compiled    adj.  arranged.
    2  parchment  n skins of animals which have been treated for writing on.
    3  lengthy    adj. very long.
    4 onerous  adj.  causing much care.
    5 custody  n  charge, care.
    1 faint    v to lose consciousness.
    2 bequeath    v   to leave property. money to someone when you die.
    3 coffin   n   long wooden box in which a dead person is buried.
    4 extravagance   n excessive expense and luxury.
    5 stunned  adj. shocked.
    6  coward   n  person who is not brave.
    7 venerable   adj.  old and respected.
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