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  • The life of this world


    One’s welfare in the Hereafter hinges upon how one conducts oneself in this life. It is imperative for every person to bear in mind the link between this life and the next, for some have wrongly thought that there is only this world; they spend their time gathering things and becoming attached to this life, a life that is fleeting. Then they die with their wishes and aspirations in their chests, unfulfilled and forgotten.


    Sometimes l am amazed at our long-term hopes in this world ---- at our future expectations for a life in which one may die at any moment:


    (No person knows what he will earn tomorrow; and no person knows in what land he will die)                             (Quran 31: 34)


    Ask yourself these questions:


    1. Do you really suppose that you will find peace and tranquility while you are not pleased with your Lord or with His decree, and while you are discontented with your sustenance and your talents?


    1. Have you thanked your Lord properly for His blessings and favors, to the point that you deserve to ask for other favors? Whoever is incapable of handling a little is more than likely unable to handle a lot.


    1. Why do we not benefit from those talents that Allah has given us, failing as we do to develop and cultivate them? Had we used those talents, we could have given to others and contributed to society.


    Positive qualities and talents are often buried deep within us. Yet in so many of us, these talents are buried like expensive minerals underground --- minerals that only the expert can mine, wash, and polish, making them shine. Therefore, our task lies in mining for our talents and then developing them.


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