Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The Reckoning Of Maqrur


    The angels of reckoning awakened Maqrur and made him sit up. Maqrur was overwhelmed by fear and surprise upon finding himself sitting in between the two angels, after he had been turned into ash. He started to recall what had happened to him.


    First, he had been thrown into the crematorium and then he lost consciousness. Later after that, he encountered the angel of death within the core of the fire and he told him not to be afraid. As soon as the fire scorched him, he lost consciousness again. And now once again he regained his consciousness to find himself accompanied by two glorious beings.


    He asked them, "Who are you?"


    One of them replied, "We are the angels of reckoning." Maqrur shivered with fear, and he then asked, "Is it the Day of Resurrection?"


    The angel said, "No, not yet. You are in your grave. We only came to ask you three questions. Who is your Lord?"


    Maqrur said, "Allah is my Lord; the Creator of everything"


    The angel asked him, "What is your religion?"


    Maqrur said, "I am a Muslim. I follow the religion of all the prophets and submit in devotion to Allah."


    The angel asked, "What do you say about the prophet you met in the east? Do you believe in him?"


    Maqrur said, "Yes indeed!"


    The angel said, "Do you believe that Allah sent him revelation'?"


    Maqrur said, "Yes."


    One of the angels pointed forward and said to Maqrur, "Look in front of you."


    Maqrur looked in front of himself, and he saw a green field as well as the great palace, which he had seen before in his vision.


    Maqrur turned to the angel and asked him, "What is this?"


    The angel replied, "This is your dwelling in Paradise."


    Maqrur was extremely happy.


    He asked the angel, "Has my Lord accepted my repentance?"


    But they did not reply.

    One of them said to him, "Allah decreed that you should return to death now."


    Indeed, Maqrur lost his consciousness again and he returned to his former state before encountering the angels.


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