Don't be Sad

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  • The shari'ah is made easy for you


    Ease and facilitation --- these are two qualities of the Shari'ah that give comfort to the believer.


    (We have not sent down the Qur'an unto you [O' Muhammad] to cause you distress)  (Qur'an 20: 1)


    (And We shall make easy for you [O' Muhammad] the easy way [i.e. the doing of righteous deeds].)                      (Qur'an 87: 8)


    (Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope.)     (Qur'an 2: 286)


    (Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him.)           (Qur'an 65: 7)


    (And He has not laid upon you in religion any hardship...)

    (Qur'an 22: 78)


    (He releases them from their heavy burdens [of Allah s Covenant] and from the fetters [bindings] that were upon them.)            (Qur’an 7: 157)


    (So verily, with the hardship, there is relief verily, with the hardship, there is relief [i.e. there is one hardship with two reliefs, so one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs].)                         (Qur'an 94: 5-6)


    ( 'Our Lord.! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error; Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which you did lay on those before us [Jews and Christians]; our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Maula [Patron, Supporter and Protector; etc.] and give us victory over the disbelieving people.)  (Qur'an 2: 286)


    The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) said:

    "My nation will not be held accountable for mistakes, for forgetfulness, and for what they were forced to do (i.e. sins that were committed under duress)."


    He (bpuh) also said:

    (Verily, this religion is easy; and when one makes the religion too harsh, one will become overcome by it."


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