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  • 051.000 The Winnowing Winds  
    051.001 By those that winnow with a winnowing
    051.002 And those that bear the burden (of the rain)
    051.003 And those that glide with ease (upon the sea)
    051.004 And those who distribute (blessings) by command,
    051.005 Lo! that wherewith ye are threatened is indeed true,
    051.006 And lo! the judgment will indeed befall.
    051.007 By the heaven full of paths,
    051.008 Lo! ye, forsooth, are of various opinion (concerning the truth).
    051.009 He is made to turn away from it who is (himself) averse.
    051.010 Accursed be the conjecturers
    051.011 Who are careless in an abyss!
    051.012 They ask: When is the Day of Judgment ?
    051.013 (It is) the day when they will be tormented at the Fire,
    051.014 (And it will be said unto them): Taste your torment (which ye inflicted). This is what ye sought to hasten.
    051.015 Lo! those who keep from evil will dwell amid gardens and watersprings,
    051.016 Taking that which their Lord giveth them; for lo! aforetime they were doers of good;
    051.017 They used to sleep but little of the night,
    051.018 And ere the dawning of each day would seek forgiveness,
    051.019 And in their wealth the beggar and the outcast had due share.
    051.020 And in the earth are portents for those whose faith is sure.
    051.021 And (also) in yourselves. Can ye then not see ?
    051.022 And in the heaven is your providence and that which ye are promised;
    051.023 And by the Lord of the heavens and the earth, it is the truth, even as (it is true) that ye speak.
    051.024 Hath the story of Abraham's honoured guests reached thee (O Muhammad) ?
    051.025 When they came in unto him and said: Peace! he answered, Peace! (and thought): Folk unknown (to me).
    051.026 Then he went apart unto his housefolk so that they brought a fatted calf;
    051.027 And he set it before them, saying: Will ye not eat ?
    051.028 Then he conceived a fear of them. They said: Fear not! and gave him tidings of (the birth of) a wise son.
    051.029 Then his wife came forward, making moan, and smote her face, and cried: A barren old woman!
    051.030 They said: Even so saith thy Lord. Lo! He is the Wise, the Knower.
    051.031 (Abraham) said: And (afterward) what is your errand, O ye sent (from Allah) ?
    051.032 They said: Lo! we are sent unto a guilty folk,
    051.033 That we may send upon them stones of clay,
    051.034 Marked by thy Lord for (the destruction of) the wanton.
    051.035 Then we brought forth such believers as were there.
    051.036 But We found there but one house of those surrendered (to Allah).
    051.037 And We left behind therein a portent for those who fear a painful doom.
    051.038 And in Moses (too, there is a portent) when We sent him unto Pharaoh with clear warrant,
    051.039 But he withdrew (confiding) in his might, and said: A wizard or a madman.
    051.040 So We seized him and his hosts and flung them in the sea, for he was reprobate.
    051.041 And in (the tribe of) A'ad (there is a portent) when we sent the fatal wind against them.
    051.042 It spared naught that it reached, but made it (all) as dust.
    051.043 And in (the tribe of) Thamud (there is a portent) when it was told them: Take your ease awhile.
    051.044 But they rebelled against their Lord's decree, and so the thunderbolt overtook them even while they gazed;
    051.045 And they were unable to rise up, nor could they help themselves.
    051.046 And the folk of Noah aforetime. Lo! they were licentious folk.
    051.047 We have built the heaven with might, and We it is Who make the vast extent (thereof).
    051.048 And the earth have We laid out, how gracious is the Spreader (thereof)!
    051.049 And all things We have created by pairs, that haply ye may reflect.
    051.050 Therefor flee unto Allah; lo! I am a plain warner unto you from him.
    051.051 And set not any other god along with Allah; lo! I am a plain warner unto you from Him.
    051.052 Even so there came no messenger unto those before them but they said: A wizard or a madman!
    051.053 Have they handed down (the saying) as an heirloom one unto another ? Nay, but they are froward folk.
    051.054 So withdraw from them (O Muhammad), for thou art in no wise blameworthy,
    051.055 And warn, for warning profiteth believers.
    051.056 I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.
    051.057 I seek no livelihood from them, nor do I ask that they should feed Me.
    051.058 Lo! Allah! He it is that giveth livelihood, the Lord of unbreakable might.
    051.059 And lo! for those who (now) do wrong there is an evil day like unto the evil day (which came for) their likes (of old); so let them not ask Me to hasten on (that day).
    051.060 And woe unto those who disbelieve, from (that) their day which they are promised.
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