The Religion Of Islam vol.1

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  • The Religion Of Islam vol.1

  • Their Character and Manners

    Arabia during the pre-Islamic days was in very low state of civilisation. Awful superstition and idolatry prevailed everywhere. Gross licentiousness was indulged in. grimes of infanticide and human sacrifices were common. The various tribes were in constant and perpetual warfare with each other.[1] The absence of any stable government had led to the prevalence of anarchism and criminal excesses. The whole peninsula was in a pitiful state sf chaos, sin, impurity and wickedness.[2] The sacred the chapel of antiquity erected by their ancestor Abraham and Ishmael for the worship of the One God, the Almighty, was converted into a temple containing over three hundred idols representing superstitious gods and goddesses. The great and divine religions, which the Prophets of yore had brought down from Heaven, had lost their originality fidelity and purity. Opposition, persecution and even brutal force were every day’s occurrences. It seems that the reign of Islam alone with its teachings and morals was revealed at a time, when need for guidance was most felt, as will be dealt with later in this book.

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