The 200 FAQ On Muslim Belief

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  • The 200 FAQ On Muslim Belief

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    Praise be to Allah. I thank Him, seek His Help and Forgiveness. I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of my bad deeds and myself. Whomsoever Allah guides, is truly guided, and whomsoever Allah leaves to stray, none can guide him. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Seal of His Prophets.


    Islamic Monotheism is the most significant branch of knowledge to be studied. It is very important to a Muslim's life. For the sake of this knowledge man was created: {and I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)}. (Adh-Dhariyat, 56) Through this knowledge man can get out of darkness to the brightness of light, and can be rightly guided to the Straight Path. Through this branch of knowledge, man knows his Lord, his Creator, and knows that none has the right to be worshipped but Him. Through this branch of knowledge one knows the conditions and real meaning of the statement: "There is no Ilah (god) but Allah” .


    Through this branch of knowledge, man gets to know the bases of Islam and the pillars of Faith. Also, one can know the Names and Attributes of Allah the Almighty. For this, this branch of knowledge has become the most respected and wormy one as it studies Issues concerning Allah the Almighty: Divine Names and Attributes.

    Through this knowledge man realizes Iman (Faith) and tastes its joys and relief. In addition to realizing some degree of the Divine Wisdom, while one is satisfied with the Divine Decree and submits himself to Allah, Lord of the universe while one is contented and happy.

    We need nothing better than recognizing Allah and knowing His Oneness, to be able to invite the people to follow His Path and to correct their belief and warn them against falling into the darkness of polytheism and disbelief.

    In fact, Muslims cannot do without going back to their true belief in Allah, the belief that was enjoyed and lived by the earlier Muslims (May Allah bless them all). This book covers most, rather, all the issues relating to Islamic Belief, Faith and the Oneness of Allah.

    I have found great honor and relief in translating this valuable book. I ask Allah to forgive me my sins and to overlook my mistakes. I ask Him to benefit the Muslims allover the world by this book and I ask Him to accept this work from me as purely dedicated for Him Alone.


    Translator Ali As-Sayed AI- Halawani Department of English, Faculty of Alsun, Minia University




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