Islamic Perspective of Sex

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  • Islamic Perspective of Sex

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    Sex is a subject that has overwhelmed the minds of many people. Sex is an urge and human desire that should be fulfilled. Islam therefore, does not neglect this vital and important issue in the human life. The segregation of men and women in Islam, as well as the Prudah, veil of Muslim women, have led many non-Muslims to think derogatory about Islam. Islam considers the sex experience a unique, private, decent, and meaningful. Consequently, all related issues must be dealt with on the same principle. Islam sets limits enabling both spouses to live in peace and harmony; yet, each spouse is entitled for specific rights and demanded certain duties from each. This is to run the family affairs in the best manner. The author, in this book, attempts to present the viewpoint of Islam concerning sex and the explanations underlying specific man-woman relationship. I hope that this book would offer a general bird view for those who are interested to know the standpoint of Islam about this important social issue. For more details and further information, we advise to explore further readings on the subject. The translator, and his editor, exerted every possible human effort to present an authentic, accurate, and committed translation to the spirit of the original text as much as possible. Quranic verses were quoted from Harf automated Quran and its translation of the meanings. Only minor editing was done to the text of the translation as deemed fit and suitable. The reader must keep in mind that the "words" of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) are matchless and cannot be exactly translated to mean what Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) connotes. Therefore, the human efforts could only go to a humble extent of translating what appears to him the close, immediate, and right meaning. The translator likes to make candid this point here as to indicate that the presented translation is only for the apparent meanings of the verses. The actual Arabic text of the verses is cited, the translation is placed right underneath it, and both are indented to illustrate that these are direct quotation from Quran. The translator did the same for the text of Hadith. The best effort was put in order to render the closest meaning to the actual text in Arabic. If there is any shortcoming, the translator requests our dear readers to overlook, or point it out to him in writing. He is grateful to all those who point out his shortcomings in order to avoid them in the future work, InshaAllah God willing. Muslims and non-Muslims alike must learn the viewpoint of Islam on sex and marriage. This book, despite its size, is full of wisdom, live examples, true meanings, and super instructions about sex and family life in Islam. It makes the mind thinks and the heart feel the true emotions at times. I heartily and cordially invite every Muslim and non-Muslim to read it and benefit himself/herself accordingly. I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the following people: Mr. AbdulRahman al-Sheeha, the author, for his good work and for authorizing me to translate it. For my dear wife, for being patient, helpful, cooperative and understanding while I was spending long hours of our precious time, working on the book and being away from her. All those who supported, prayed, directed, and helped, directly or indirectly, have my full appreciation and warmest thanks. Finally, I hope and pray to the Almighty Allah to accept this humble work for His Cause, blesse all those who worked on it and make it beneficial to all readers. I request the readers kindly and sincerely to pray for my soul and if they come across any mistake or oversight to forgive and pardon. Readers are kindly requested to contact me either through writing to my address below, or through the publisher's address, or they may contact me through the email address Mohammed Said Dabas, PhD. P.O. Box 122. Aroba St. Tayyar Agency. Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 11361.
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