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    lt has rightly been said that traveling drives away worries. Ramhumuzi enumerated in his book, The Noble Scholar of Hadeeth, the various benefits of traveling for the purpose of seeking knowledge. He was refuting those who think that no tangible benefit can be derived by traveling through the lands. He said:


    "There is much profit to be derived from seeing new lands and new houses, in seeing beautiful gardens and fields, in seeing different faces and coming across different languages and colors, and in witnessing the wonders of different countries. The peace that one finds under the shades of large trees is unparalleled. Eating in the mosques, drinking from streams, and sleeping wherever one finds a place when night comes ----- these all instill affability and humbleness in a person. The traveler befriends all those whom he loves for Allah's sake and he has no reason to flatter or to be artificial. Add to these benefits all of the happiness that the traveler's heart feels when he reaches his destination, and the thrill he experiences after having overcome all of the obstacles that were on his way. Lf those who are averse to leaving their homelands knew all of this, they would learn that all of the individual pleasures of the world are combined in the noble pursuit of traveling. There is nothing more enjoyable to a traveler than the beautiful sights and the wonderful activities that are part of traveling through Allah's wide earth. And the non-traveler is deprived of all of this."


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