Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • Treading the middle path saves one from destruction


    There are two factors that help one lead a happy life:


    1. Moderation in anger.


    1. Moderation in fulfilling one’s desires.


    One has to be moderate in fulfilling his desires, lest his desires and lusts increase to the point of constantly seeking to be satisfied, an outcome that will lead to his destruction. The same can be said about anger, for it too can lead to destruction.


    What is required in all affairs is moderation. Strength, when in excess, makes violence and killing easy. And yet if there is a shortage of it, one will not be able to defend oneself against transgressors. But when one uses strength moderately, he can display the qualities of patience, bravery, and wisdom, each in its proper place and time. The same goes for desire; if there is too much of it, then wickedness and licentiousness will prevail; if there is too little of it, then one will become weak. However, if it is present in due moderation, one will achieve both chastity and satisfaction.


    "Upon you is to follow the guidance of moderation”


    (Thus we have made you [real believers of Islamic Monotheism] a just [and the best] nations….)                                                        (Qur’an 2: 143)



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