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    I recently read of a story of a man who was paralyzed. He remained bed-ridden in his home for years, and eventually, boredom and a sense of failure overcame him. Doctors were unable to do anything for him. One day, while alone in the house, a scorpion descended from the ceiling of his room, and even though he saw it coming, he was unable to move. After landing on his head, the scorpion repeatedly stung him. His whole body, from his feet to his head, broke out into convulsions. Slowly, and to his astonishment, sensation returned to his limbs, and after a short period of time, he found himself to be walking about in the room. He then opened the door and went to his wife and children. They could not believe their eyes when they saw him standing before them. Only when they finally calmed down was he able to inform them of what had taken place.


    How perfect is Allah, Who caused the scorpion to be a remedy for his ailment!


    l mentioned this story to a doctor and he accepted its occurrence as being plausible. He told me that there are kinds of poisonous serum that, when their toxicity is chemically reduced, are used by doctors to treat paralyzed patients.


    And Allah has not sent down a sickness, except that He has also sent down for it a cure.


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