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    The most blessed of people is the one who desires the Hereafter and is not jealous of other people for what Allah has given them. He is someone who carries with him a message of higher principles and he wishes to impart that message to others. If he is unable to help others, then at least he brings them no harm. Take the Ocean of Knowledge and the Interpreter of the Qur’an. Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him), as an example. He managed, through his lofty manners and his generous soul to transform enemies (Banu ‘Umayyah, Banu Marwan, and their supporters) into friends. As a consequence, more people were able to benefit from his knowledge and understanding. He filled gatherings with knowledge and the remembrance of Allah. He forgot the days of Al-Jamal and As- Siffeen, and he left behind what came before and after those battles.


    He proceeded to build and to unite and to repair differences. Everybody came to love him and he became the "Eminent Scholar" of the Islamic nation. On the other hand there is Ibn Zubayr (may Allah be pleased with him), who was the epitome of nobleness, generosity, and sincere worship. He, however, preferred to confront rather than to give up personal rights, so much so, that he became preoccupied in this pursuit and consequently many Muslims were lost. Then the worst of it happened. The Ka’bah became a place of fighting because his enemies found him in its precincts and many were slaughtered. Finally, he himself was killed and then crucified.

    May Allah be pleased with him and with all of the Prophet’s noble Companions.


    (And Allah’s Command must be fulfilled.)               (Qur’an 33: 38)


    I do not mean to disparage some and to praise others; I am merely attempting to study history with an eye for seeking out morals and lessons. Gentleness, compromise, and forgiveness --- these qualities are present only in a minority of people. This is because, to achieve them and to incorporate them into one’s character, one must repress and even subjugate one’s self, forgetting lofty desires and ambitions.


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