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  • Yunus and the Whale

    {Then the whale swallowed him, and he was blameworthy. Had he not been of those who glorify Allah, he would certainly have stayed in its belly until the Day of Resurrection.}

                                                                                                             (As-Saffat: 142-144)

    As I turned around in the surging sea, my body formed the shape of the Arabic letter (Noon) on the water. I bent my body and struck the turbulent ocean tides with my tail with a sound like rolling thunder.

    After my tail struck the water, it surged forth in waves, leaping again to the surface of the sea like a giant waterfall. All things turn downward on both land and sea including the breath of creatures, the falling fruit and gushing waterfalls. The great whale of the sea breathes out forming a waterfall that churns upward then spirals down again into the sea from whence it came. The whale does not need hands to propel the water that surges around it. Every splashing gush of water propelled by the movement of the massive whale praises and glorifies Allah, the Creator of all things.

    I hit the waves again using my tail and listened to the sound carried by the wind as it exploded into the air like the first one.

    I know that when I collide with the waves, the sound of the clash can be heard from miles away and frightens thousands of creatures in the sea but in fact, this is simply a small part of the power of Allah, as the sea and wind trembles with fear in front of the Owner of all power.

    In spite of being the most powerful creature in the sea, I am weaker than running water in front of Allah. I may be the giant of the sea but my true crown is made of truthfulness and the richness of reality. Both these things, the truth and reality, constitute the supreme power that can be found in Allah's creation. I was crowned in the water with my ability to bend myself in all kinds of shapes. I was given that might, which even I myself cannot comprehend but my whole being bows down before it.

    I moved my tail and sped off.

    All oceans and seas are my home. The outstretched blue water under me is the paper on which I record my story and no miracle is similar to that of writing on water or walking over it. No one can walk over water except for the Prophets. Walking over water is restricted to those who are truthful and sincere in both word and deed. The land however, is trodden by liars who are created from dust. Writing upon stones remains seen to curious onlookers but there exists that which sinks beneath the depths of the sea and disappears, keeping the secret recorded and herein lies its greatness, which is borrowed; The borrowed greatness of water.

    All great creatures of the universe seek the brilliancy of eternal greatness. They realize in the depth of their hearts that death is the natural end of all things. All creatures know this fact deeply and intuitively except the human being. He, in his foolishness, remains oblivious of this fact. Man! The only one who dares to try and make a god of himself. The one who eludes himself that he will live this worldly life forever. If it was possible for my wild mouth to laugh mockingly, I would do so, but I cannot laugh as I know nothing except to frown gloomily and be serious.

    I do not like human beings and this applies for all the whales. It is an old enmity based on a story that will be mentioned later. Remembering the human being makes my blood boil and so I go down into the furthest depths and then I collide with the water using my tail and return to its surface. Here on the surface of the sea, I jump up towards the sky! A giant leap which is the prostration of whales. People prostrate on the ground while whales prostrate towards the sky as it is, after all, their ground.

    I swim in the northern seas where the eye of the sun does not wink nor set. I see the sun as a yellow disk drowned in green water. The open brilliance of the sun, which spreads out upon the water, suggests loneliness, which is the usual companion of the truly great in the world.

    No one can compare to a sperm whale in its greatness.

    From among all sperm whales that swim under the water, Almighty Allah chose me to swallow Yunus (Jonah). I knew only after swallowing him that he was a Prophet. I confess that it was the most difficult experience I ever had in all my long life.

    Whales do not sweat ...

    Whales do not shed tears in tenderness or love ...

    However, I did sweat and cry.

    I was careful that no creature would see me while I was weeping -My position and standing in the water is like an unscratcl1ed old throne and I would not like that it be scarified.

    I have a body that is longer than a middling island. I weigh equivalent to one hundred thousand rocks. When such a huge body plunges into the depths of the sea, it makes the most dangerous sharks burst forth in fear until they crash their bodies          onto the rocks because of their great fear.

    Despite having such great power, I wept.

    I do not want to end my story before starting it. What I have experienced was so great and hard that it led me to be overcome by il1ness.

    My intestines began unwell and I knew I was approaching death.

    I shook my head, and my tail moved in a semicircle and burst forth.

    I write down on the water ...

    Water swallows the secret while I continue writing.

    Millions of years ago when the sea was as young as a child, my grandparents were living on the land.

    There is an old picture that lies somewhere in my giant body, deep within my mind and in a place concealed by a throne of oil. This picture occupies a place between the meat, the blood and the nerves. In this picture, there appears a gray and foggy land in which there were volcanoes. Purple vapor mingled with a yellow color that rose from the volcanoes. Dinosaurs and our grandparents were walking on the land ...Our grandparents were bigger than dinosaurs that began to be extinct at that time. Dinosaurs were huge but had little intelligence. They had a lot of desires and were unable to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances of the earth. Our grandparents were suffering the same tragedy.

    The earth was being prepared for the arrival of a new species named the human being. This species was not well known by us. We heard hair-raising stories about the human being. Angels were talking about him with surprise and love. The approaching of his decent bore a warning to all wild creatures on the land. No one knew why all the wild animals on the earth began to fight each other so fiercely and shed blood to such a horrible extent. All large, wild animals died out except for the grandparents of the whales who were the biggest and mightiest wild animals so we won the battle. Nevertheless, the land became full of blood and ruin and that was why our grandparents rushed to the sea in troops. They looked at the land and realized that their life on it was impossible. They had no rivals to fight and no food to eat.

          Our ancestors began to jump into water as they had only two choices: either to stay on land and starve or to scurry for a shelter of safety in water. Thousands of our forefathers jumped into the water.

    We had hands, feet, heads and noses. People think that the whale is a fish. This is an insult to all whales. Our blood is hot while the blood of fish is cold. We are mammals that lived on the land during prehistoric times and then we moved to live in the sea in order to clear a space for the human being.

    Pardon me but my blood boils whenever I talk about the human being. I burst forth within the sea in great irritation. My ancestors were told while they were jumping into the seas, "Blessed be you ...O great creatures ...You will be the kings of the sea, not contended with anyone save human beings who will be in pursuit of you whether you are alive or dead. You will be the perfume of your enemy after your death as well as oil for his lamps, food for his children and medicine for his diseases. The Creator of the universe has subjected you to man."

    Our descent into the sea was not meant to be an insult. On the contrary, it was a kind of honor exactly as man was honored by his descent onto the earth. Water is four times greater than land ...So our chance to propagate in the water was four times greater than on land. Our food is fourfold.

    We went down into the sea with a deep-rooted picture of a fatal struggle against the human being. This was accompanied with some kind of surprise.

    This was millions of years ago. At that time we were not in need of hands. Our feet, heads and noses were altered. The previous wild animals of the land are now the whales of the sea. All these secrets were narrated to me by a cell in the body of my mother before my birth. I do not remember where I was born but I do remember my father's face ...He was frightful with a white face, a high lobe and his giant tail. He was ninety meters and a half long. My mother was his third wife. She was about twenty-five meters long. She was beautiful, elegant and her color was nearly bright gray. She was the ideal mother. I never saw her smile and neither did my father. One day I asked my father, "Why do whales not smile?"

    He replied, "Be quiet! How can the mightiest animals of the sea smile?"

    He looked at my mother angrily and said, "Your baby is warm-hearted like you ...Damn you ..."

          My mother took me to the sea away from my father and whispered to me "My honey... You are a monster, so do not disappoint your Mum and Dad."

          I had a delightful childhood were it not for my father's cruel comments and fierce looks.

    When I was born, I was about ten meters and a half long or a bit longer. My father swam around me and addressed my mother saying, "His length is all right ...I like his white color ...I want him to be like me."

    He said so and dove into the water. My father was famous throughout all the oceans for having certain peculiarities such as violence, strength and speed. All monsters and masters of the sea should have these three characteristics.

    After growing up, I realized that my father was the master of all the seas.

    I spent six months in my mother's womb, followed by another six months of suckling. During this period, I saw my father only twice. I confess that I loved my mother more than my father throughout the suckling period. She was tender and kind. I never saw her angry except for one time when I was attacked by a bevy of young sharks. First, I imagined that they came to play with me, but soon I realized that they came to attack and bite me. I was only ten meters long. I shouted to my mother, who came rapidly, breaking up the ocean and her tail turned to a gigantic fan hitting blind and hard strikes on all sides. I was astonished when I saw the strikes of her tail tearing up the bodies of sharks, who fled away at top speed. They did not succeed in getting anything from me save a piece of meat from my tail that turned to be a distinguishing mark.

    From that time onwards, there exists a deep hatred inside me for all sharks. I became famous for my fondness of devouring a lot of them in return for their old debt. The only moment of fear that I witnessed in my childhood because of sharks was given back to them as nights of horrible fright and years of continuing fear.

      "The sperm whale with the funny tail is coming." That is how all the sea animals announced my entrance. At this time all monsters of the sea ran away because of their absolute fear so that I could pass.

      When I was weaned, my father came and pointed to my tail. He asked my mother, "What happened to his tail?"

    She replied haughtily, "like father, like son ...I left him alone and a group of sharks attacked him." "Great!" my father said. "What did he do?" he asked.

    Then, my mother looked at me fearfully and said, "He acted like a young monster."

    My father struck the water with his tail, "Thanks Allah ... Thanks Allah ...O monster follow me ...Your childhood is over and you will start your lessons tomorrow."

    I was surprised that my father believed that I had acted like a monster. What would he do if he knew that I screamed out calling my mother? How great are the intelligence and cunning of females! My mother was using her words to protect me against my father's violence. She told me later that if my father knew what had happened, he would kill me by striking me with his tail. He had killed three weak whales, who were born to my father's other wives.

    He killed them while saying, "It is better for monsters to die than to live as a good -for- nothing."

    I said that I loved my mother more than my father during the period of my suckling but after that I loved my father for two years that represented the period of my learning. After that, my love for my mother submerged into the depth of the ocean and my love for my father became immersed in the vastness of the waves. From that time forward, I became a real monster, after giving up love.

    After that, no one can stand in front of me, swim before me or hear about me without trembling. I used to consider the one who saw me and did not become full of fear as a creature that behaved impudently. This is a crime that should be punished at once. And so, my speed surpasses my self-control and brings me face-to-face with my rival. My tail moves towards him leaving him destroyed. And my mouth is opened in front of him, swallowing him into my depths. These three fast and musical movements are fulfilled before the victim can realize what is going on. Sometimes I open my mouth and burst forth leaving silence after my passing. My belly becomes the grave of every rival even before his death as I swallow him alive to die slowly within my belly. After that I jump up over the water to thank Allah for all His bounties and to ask Him, while I am trembling out of my fear of Him, His Satisfaction.

    It was natural that the first lesson I learned, from my father was practical training on how to use my tail. Our school was in the faraway northern seas where floating mountains of ice stood as a witness for all time to come with their complete silence.

    There were six male whales in my class. The gloomy teacher was my father, who moved his tail towards anyone that made a mistake, giving him a light blow whose impact lasted for many long nights. It was as if a mountain of rocks had fallen on your side, abdomen or your head depending on where the strike was placed. During the first days in school, I remembered with grief the sweet days of my suckling. My mother swam on her side, looking at me, while I was bending getting stuck to her side and gobbling up her breast in my mouth. I did not stare at her breast, rather I stared away with stability and calmness. It was as if I had two lives at the same time. While the whale is suckling, he is occupied with a feeling that he is enjoying delightful memories that are not aquatic. Such memories come from the world of the soul where wonderful peace and great security prevail. But this time was over and the old peace had been eliminated during the first days of study.

    Naturally I was absolutely terrified of my father and I was eager to be with my mother. As if he realized what was going on inside us, the gloomy teacher said, "When a whale abandons his mother, he departs his small prison and when he leaves his father, he deserts his big prison. Then, he becomes a monster in the oceans that cannot be stopped by anyone." My father said so and jumped up making a gigantic flow of water descend around him as if there were a thousand islands jumping up. When he descended into the water, he struck the water with his tail violently causing a clatter in our weak and young bones.

    The teacher said, "This is the simplest strike by the tail. I want the faraway horizon to be shaken by the sounds of explosions caused by your strikes upon the water. Now, we will start with the fiercest monster amongst you." Then, he pointed at me with his tail.

          I asked, "Will I jump or strike the water first?" He replied, “O foolish one! Jump up first."

          I jumped up and he shouted at me enough to blow my veins while I was jumping.

    He shouted, "You jump like the desperate sharks." Then he changed his view saying, "Your jump is like that of the funny dogfish."

    He shouted again, "You have to perform a royal jump ...a real jump ...up ...I want you to reach the sun with your heads." On and on he spoke and ordered, "Up again ...Now strike with your tail..."

    I imagined that my strike was so strong that its splash would put out the sun. But my father said loudly, "I did not hear but a sigh of a weak fish."

    He struck the water with his tail again and became more agitated than the sea. And we also struck the water trying to imitate him.

    The training continued for one full day. At the end, I imagined that the mountains of ice were about to melt because of our continued effort.

    When the sun appeared at the end of the ocean as a red disk, our teacher said, while he was turning to go, "You will sleep here until the morning ..."

    No one of us had thought about his mother as the previous six months had been overwhelmed with the existence of one day of hard work.

    We had lost the previous days that were in paradise ...and here we were descending into the seas of tiredness without knowing our fault.

    I slept in my place because I was absolutely exhausted. The next day, I opened my eyes upon the second lesson concerning how to use the tail. We were awakened by a loud explosion made by our teacher while he was striking the water with his own magnificent tail.

    My father was moving himself with ease and nimbleness that rippled with great might. Moreover, the beauty of his nimbleness was derived from his strength. In every charming and beautiful thing, there lies a greater role fulfilled by might.

    In the beginning of the second lesson, my father communicated to us but without speaking, "There are five big movements to a whale's tail:

    First: The tail is used as a flipper that helps the whale to move and burst forth.

    Second: It is used as a shield in case of defense or attack.

    Third: The whale uses it to sweep away and scavenge water.

    Fourth: The tail is used to achieve a kind of relaxation on the water required during performing prayers.

    Fifth: The whale uses his tail when he lifts the two portions vertically on the water to be ready for the glorification of Allah."

    The aforementioned movements appear easy but in fact they are extremely difficult to fulfill in the water. Due to its horizontal position, the whale's tail moves in a different way from the tails of other sea animals. It never plaits. Braid is a symptom of defect when it is concerned with human beings or fish. The whale is clear of imperfection. His tail is the only means to defend himself. It is goes round like a wave and then jumps quickly to the back, so it is the tail that enables the whale to achieve a movement of outburst that is unique, and bouncing when he swims violently and furiously. But the flippers at the side of the whale help him to plow the sea.

    We learned from our teacher's lessons that when the sperm whale fights another one of his species, he uses his mighty head and jaws, but when he struggles against a human being, the whale only has to use his tail. This is not out of contempt or disdain for the human being, but it is because the use of superfluous power against a mean creature is nothing but a waste of effort that is faulty to the utmost extent.

    So, the head and the jaws are used to fight against monsters and whales. The tail alone is used to overwhelm man and his ships. In the whale's tail, there lurks a delicate sensitivity. Sometimes there stands a water sparrow on the tail of a swimming whale that instantly feels and determines the species of the sparrow by means of its weight. The whale is able to recognize the bird and from which island it comes.

    The moment in which thousands of whales start glorifying their lord coincides with the moments in which the sun rises. At such moments, the disk of the sun is still red and the yellowish tinge has not yet reached it. At that time, all whales lift the two portions of their tails, making them oriented to space, vertical on the sea and directed towards the heavens. From the depths that have no depths ...the huge tail appears as if it is trying spasmodically to reach the seventh heaven. Really, there is no greater scene in living nature than this.

    My heart becomes submissive whenever I remember this Scene and how the bodies and tail of whales swing vertically on the sea in humiliation before Allah to glorify Him in the morning. At that time, the sea -witnesses that the whales are its most devout and pious creatures.

    During the second year of my study, I showed an excellence that distinguished me from my colleagues and it was a sign of greater things to come. My tail, that had been deformed by the fangs of sharks, became a spot of fire that flamed in the water pushing me to distinction. Sharks were not our basic food. The octopus was our favorite meal. On my part I preferred to make sharks my basic food as well as octopuses. I used to advance violently with my head, between the groups of sharks, moving l1ly tail at the same, with its lethal movements. In a few seconds, I Was able to get rid of them all. Then, I wash my mouth of their blood in the water.

    Waves passed by and the period of study came to an end. There remained only one year in which we would spend studying the sea currents. Then we would go out to face man.

    I remember the first time I saw him when my father led the flock towards the warm Southern Seas. We saw wooden toys made of plants on land called trees. And on these wooden toys there were strange creatures, walking on their feet, moving their hands and puffing smoke out of their mouths.

    Our leader named Al-Ashhab (the gray one) said, "These are the ships ...And those are the sons of man."

    I raised my head, contemplating these worms that were on the board of sticks and I was full of surprise. I asked myself, "Is this our old and dangerous enemy? His size is no more than the size of a scar in my deformed tail! How is it that all mighty monsters are wary of such a mean creature?"

          I asked my father while we were going back, "Is this the human being?"

          He said, "I think you look down at his size with contempt, don't you?"

          "Yes,'" I replied.

          He said, "You think that you are stronger than him, don't you?"

          I said, "Yes."

          He said, "And you think that you can tear his ship to shreds and swallow it with him, don't you?

    "Of course," I asserted.

    He said, "Of course you are wrong ...This creature that you see as a spot or a scar is the most dangerous of all our enemies."

    "Where does his danger lurk?" I asked.

    My father replied, "Have you seen his head and how it is covered with black hair?"

    I said, "Yes, I have seen that but what is strange about it?" My father said, "The secret of man's strength lies in his covered head."

    Filled with surprise, I said, "The size of his whole head equals the size of my smallest ivory tooth."

    My father said in an emphasizing tone, "Your teeth are exposed while his head is covered and the difference between both of you is no more than this. You are strong and you do not hide your might. While he is weak but he hides his strength. You will never recognize from where the strike of man stems. You will not be able to take precautions as man does not announce his thoughts to his enemy. You come close to him, filled with surprise, while contemplating this wooden whale that is floating and carrying creatures that puff out smoke. All of a sudden, your heart is torn to pieces and you immerse in your blood and perish. You do not know the source of the strike or how it comes? You only see man standing in his place as if he is moving something with his hands. You strike with your body but a human being does not use his body. He uses things we do not know. No dead whale has told us how he was destroyed or by what means he was grabbed towards human beings or how they tore his body to pieces. All we know is that whenever the sperm whales are captured by man, the amount of light on his ships reaches to the extent that you look at the ship during the night as if it is a torch of light."

          After my father's words, the matter became more confusing. I was filled with certainty that man possesses powers that whales do not have at all. I tried in vain to think about these powers but I did not reach a satisfactory conclusion.

    It was not long until I forgot about the human being. But my surprise remained within my depths because of the unanswered question regarding the secrets of man's might. I turned temporarily to look after my own concerns.

    I had to prove myself in the seas of the south, the north, the east and the west. It became my duty to fight against all species of whales until they crowned me! Then I moved to fight against other kinds of monsters. After that, I turned to stand against and horrify all creatures in the ocean until they enthroned me! Then, I had to struggle against the presently crowned sperm whale. If I achieved victory over him, I would be the master of the sea.

    The fight against other species lasted ten years. During that time, my father became old and unable to move rapidly. Fat increased around his body and he became like an island floating and puffing. As it is usual with whales, the waves granted my father a pension. Then the strongest sperm whale became the master of the sea.

    The whale that occupied my father's position was a mighty black whale with a white tail. My father was watching my slow but confident progress in a contemplative manner. He had never spoken to me about his expectations for me to be enthroned upon the ocean. I had never talked to him about that matter. We used to treat each other with great reservation and absolute respect. I had lost my love for him and there remained only my respect.

    Every time I met him I used to ask, "How are you old whale?"

          And he used to reply saying, "My bones have become heavy and I have started to find a strange taste in my mouth."

    I asked him, "What does this mean old whale?

    He answered, "Death has started to occupy your father. So when will you ascend the tops of the waves so that your father's bones may find rest beside those of the ocean?"

    I used to answer this question saying... "O old whale this will be in the near future ...You may witness before your death the transition of the water crown to your son."

    The transition of the water crown required a merciless fight against the crowned whale that had a great jaw and a mighty tail. I was as strong as him. And in spite of being sure that I could beat him, I delayed the fight against him for a short time, as I did not want that degraded victory in which the vanquisher won the battle by withstanding for a long time or striking more or exerting greater effort. I wanted an overwhelming superiority by tearing my enemy up in a moment. To achieve such a goal, I had to defer the struggle for a short time.

    During that time, I was training myself on something that was unknown to other whales. One day a powerful wave inspired me with this matter. I had seen a wave crashing against a rock on the seashore. I know that waves are more flexible and weaker than rocks. So how does the weaker destroy the stronger?

    I continued thinking and remembering what my father had warned me about so I said to myself, "The secret of man may be discovered upon decoding the secret of this wave." So I went on studying waves for months.

    At last, I discovered the secret. I discovered that waves do never cease their mighty motion. Waves do not become bored with striking rocks. Waves undergo a course of training every day. This is the secret of their strength.

    I went back in my memory to my first days of study remembering how whales stop their daily training after the termination of the period of study and are content with practical life.

    I decided to be an exception to my species and to train myself in secrecy. So everyday I used to hide for half a day in the same old place of our school. The place was abandoned as nobody was trained in it any more. The mountains of ice that witnessed our punishment while we were children were still there high and calm.

    There existed within me an ambiguous desire to destroy these mountains. After all, they were the only witnesses to my weakness during my childhood. So, the highest one of those witnesses should perish so that the rest of them would fear.

    I had chosen the mightiest to start with. I was moving my tail and pounced on the ice mountain with my head and jaw. The first time, the strike left me dizzy while the mountain remained as it was without even a scratch. I tried again with gentleness, then more powerfully, and then violently. At the end of the day, there was a hole like a cave in the mountain.

    My head was hurting me a little but I felt it getting harder. My head was more than thirty meters long and the mountain was so high and immovable.

    While I was leaving the mountain I said to myself, "Training can achieve everything. Tomorrow the mountain will be removed. "

    For three years I hit the mountain with my head. Then came the final moment and the mountain crashed. It had been split into two portions making a tremendous sound that made me swim away from it. Then I raised myself above the water, contemplating that huge block that was taking its new course in the water

    I was filled with monstrous haughtiness and so I returned. I did not destroy the mountain totally or even move it from its place but I broke it into two halves. I made a long split that produced two smaller mountains. It was over. The continuity of the black whale with his white tail on the throne of water would also be brought to an end.

    During the period of my training .in which I had exerted all my strength, the crowned king of the whales was spending a nice time in the warm seas, enjoying the company of his new females, exactly like a fat and lazy mullet. The king, the monster of the depths, turned to be a master of love and a flirt. The interior affairs of the whales were subject to disturbance. The weak females and sick whales were killed in troops and the ocean was dyed red with their warm and foolish blood.

    It was evident that the sea was no longer possessed by whales. Man had made a raid on land then he invaded the sea. Such a problem should not be faced with hesitation. The king of the whales should be dethroned. Such an old whale that was inclined to accompany females did not deserve the crown of green herbs that was around his head whenever he emerged from the depths.

    I did not understand this desire in females. I had not touched a female whale since my birth. I did not know about contact with a female body save my mother's who suckled me. After that, I believed in my father's viewpoint concerning females. I believed that the whale that keeps the company of females for a long time acquires many of their habits and becomes unable to continue as a monster.

    I know that whales assemble every year during the season of love in the warm seas under the leadership of one whale. At that time, every whale has the right to fight against this leader to be enthroned. This struggle is usually for females.

    It was early. Well before the annual meeting but I was not able to be patient and wait the whole winter as my father was declining rapidly towards death and I did not want to disappoint him before his death.

    One day, the whole group went out led by this mean black whale with a white tail. We were chased by a hunting ship. Three boats from that ship followed us but I was able to return and destroy them but I preferred to wait a little to see how the leader of the group would act. The leader hit the water with his tail many successive strikes but he remained far away from the ship. I was able to detect a hidden fear in his strikes. Then I saw something rushing towards my father. Then there blasted "ah" sound came from the old whale. I ran towards him asking, "O old whale what happened?"

    He said, "Something unknown to me ripped my body. I can see myself turning to be a light in the torches of man. I can see myself hung on the land and dangled from the roofs of houses."

    I said, "Do not worry, you will live."

    I got out of the water, turned back and dashed towards the ship that was corning at top speed towards me. The leader of the group shouted at me to watch out. I did not pay attention to his shout and the strength of my jaws increased as well as the motion of tail.

    The sound of the clash was tremendous. The foremost part of the ship was split into two halves and the whales cried, "The forehead of the white whale with a deformed tail has been crashed."

    I turned back after the clash, moving my tail in every direction. The ship was not as strong as the mountain and I had previously trained myself on the mountain.

    Some moments later, the ship with its boats and people had disappeared under a sheet of water and immersed in the blueness of the ocean.

    My father was wounded. The black whale came close to him trying to discover where the pain lay but I shouted at him to stop dead in his tracks as he was no more than a feeble fish and not a whale. He stopped and turned to face me. My father struck the water with his tail and puffed ...I realized that my father understood my intentions. My father was in the throes of death and wanted to see me as the master of the seas before he died. My struggle against the whale did not last for a long time. I rushed towards him before he could think what to do and shut my jaws upon his head until my mighty ivory fangs plunged into him. I crashed his head in the same way as I smashed the fish eggs by falling heavily upon them when I give rest to my body on the seabed.

    My strength lies in my head while his might was in his tail. I broke his head into pieces without giving him a chance to use his tail.

    The two whales fell into the depths of the water. First my father's body and then that of the master of the seas.

    I raised my tail exactly upright and puffed ...Then the whales 'raised their tails likewise and puffed... They announced their surrender to me as their king. Then we all submitted ourselves to Allah, the Lord of life and death.

    Waves and waves passed. There was no whale in the four oceans that could equal me. All the monsters of the sea offered allegiance to me and the waves submitted to me.

    The secret of the sea currents was revealed to me. There remained only the secret of man that was closed before my mind.

    I have sworn that no human being would pass across the waves that witnessed my father's death and my ascension to the throne. I have sworn to crash every ship that passed this spot of water.

    Man descended onto the earth and got us out of the land, and then he started his raid on the sea. So we should strive against his attempts to occupy the sea, and restore him back to the land. I decided to do that and I remained true to my word for years.

    For many years, no ship was able to pass across the sea and be safe. No human being dared to get into the water and return safely. If he was settled in the belly of a shark, he would not enjoy his residence there as we swallow the shark itself into our bellies.

      In spite of the continuous struggle against man, and in spite of his defeat versus the victory of whales, there remained the secret of man as a code that could not be broken.

      How could a human being be saved from the terror of a whale? This question worried me for a long time.

    One day, I was lying in the deepest part of the ocean. I settled my bones upon the sea floor and slept. My breast was full of air that would be enough until dawn. Then suddenly, I was awakened. I did not know why this happened. I saw myself ascending to the surface of the sea without any obvious reason. I imagined that the Hand of Omnipotence that sets the smallest wave in motion was driving my tail.

    I reached the surface of the sea that was furious and over abundant.

    "Is this the beginning of a tempest?" I thought.

    I puffed a little and decided to return to the bottom. The spot in the bottom that I had chosen was so serene in comparison with the surface.

    Then there arose a question in my mind like lightning, "How could the surface be furious while the seabed was serene?" I know from the water currents what time the tempest will start. I know this before its coming.

    "Have the laws of waves changed while I was sleeping?" This question bewildered me.

    Suddenly, a ship started to swing here and there. I swam towards it rapidly and violently deciding to help it to sink with one mighty strike. I had hardly reached it when I forgot the reason behind my coming. I was swimming behind the ship as if I was having a leisurely trip.

    I did not know what had happened to me. It was extremely dark so I said, "Maybe I am still asleep!"

    I saw something falling from the ship. I advanced forwards towards that thing, finding myself in front of my old enemy. A man that had become lost in the furious turmoil. I approached him and opened my jaws. A powerful wave pushed him into my mouth. I swallowed him and closed my ivory fangs.

    I was trembling when I heard a voice but I did not see anyone. The voice was coming from all directions. It was the voice of an angel sent by Allah.

    The angel said, "We do not make him sustenance for you but we make your belly as a shelter and well-fortified place for him. Swallow him but do not break a bone of his and do not scratch his skin."

    In the beginning, I did not understand what was meant by these words. I inhaled deeply and dove into the depths of the sea. I continued diving until I reached the bottom. I gave rest to my bones and slept. I was filled with a sense that I was not myself but someone else. I confess that what I said, struck surprise but it really expressed my true feelings at that time.

    Before sleeping, I thought about all the wonders I had seen. I wondered how the surface was furious and hit with a tempest while the bottom was serene.

    I asked myself in surprise, "What was up with me when I saw the ship and did not destroy it?'! Who was that human being who fell from it? Did he throw himself into water or did someone else throw him down? Why did he throw himself down? What had he done? Why did I swallow him? What was the meaning of the words that had warned me against causing harm to him? How could I swallow him without scratching his body?” All these questions made me dizzy and so I surrendered to sleep.

    I woke up when there was no more air in my lungs. I went to the surface and it was clear and free of storms except for one wave. I went on puffing. I remembered what had happened the day before and I imagined that it was a dream. Then it was time for my breakfast, so I swam into a gulf where there were many octopuses. After I reached the gulf, I tried to open my jaw to have my breakfast but I did not have the desire to eat. I asked myself, "What is this? Am I ill without knowing it?"

    Then a fat shark passed beside me. It was my habit to swallow such a fish alive and to digest it slowly inside my belly. I tried to open my mouth to swallow it but I could not. I had no desire to open my mouth.

    I realized that all the wonders I had seen the day before were not a dream as I had previously thought. What had happened the day before was a reality with tangible results. My shut jaw and my disinterested belly were two proofs of a confusing change.

    I jumped up towards the sky asking for an explanation for what had happened.

    I felt his Presence without seeing Him.

    I bowed my body in reverence to the angel and said, "O generous angel, the white whale with a deformed tail is ill and has dreams. Yesterday I had a horrible accident."

    The angel said, "Yesterday there was a miracle."

    "Would you, the coIll1nander in the sea, tell me who I swallowed yesterday?" I asked.

    He said, "You have swallowed Dha An-Noon."

    I said, "Pardon me for being ignorant, but who is Dha An-Noon?"

    He said, "A Prophet who is meek and similar to a kind waft."

    I said, "Did he throw himself from the side of the ship?" "He cast lots and lost," the angel replied.

    "I have swallowed him without knowing that he is a Prophet. I did not know that swallowing him would require your attendance or the attendance of any other angel," I said meekly.

    He said, "Allah has not made him sustenance for you, has He?"

    I said, "But he is inside my belly... It is over! He has become my sustenance."

    "No!" the angel replied. "He is in your belly but not sustenance for you."

    I said, "So why did I swallow him?"

    He said, "You are a shelter and well-fortified place for him."

    "How could a monster be a shelter and a well-fortified place for such a kind-hearted Prophet?" I asked curiously.

    The angel said, "O whale ...Contemplate the human body... Man is more monstrous than you. Contemplate the spirit of man or his soul... Is it not a concrete incarnation of purity and meekness? Contemplate how both of them live together ...the body constitutes a cloak for the soul and the soul is the gist of the body. The body is the monster and the soul is the home of meekness. "

    "How can the soul be saved from the body?" I asked.

    "Exactly in the same way as meekness can be saved from a monster, " replied the angel.

    "And how can meekness be saved from a monster?" I asked.

    He said, "As Yunus will be saved from your belly."

    "And how will Yunus be saved from my belly?" I asked.

          He said, "You will blow everything ...Just remember that you are an image of a whale. Of course you are a monster but not more monstrous than man's body. The body has covered the soul and let's see how the soul will be saved."

    The angel went away and left me alone. I continued swimming on a beautiful, blue surface whose blueness I doubted. The angel's words made the matter even more ambiguous in my mind. He told me that I was an image of a whale. "Does that mean that I am not a real whale? Are all the surrounding events just dreams? Is my monstrous entity no more a miracle or is it a symbol of something I have nothing to do with?" I thought.

    The sun ascended its throne in the heart of the sky while I was still swimming and puffed. I got tired of swimming, so I went to rest in the seabed. I twisted my gigantic tail and dove. I was diving in both black water and deep thinking.

    "What is Dha An-Noon doing in my belly now? And how can meekness be saved from a monster?" I sympathized with him for the first time" in my life. The word sympathy is not found in the dictionary of monsters. It is an extinct word that is no longer used by monsters except if they are at death's door.

    I asked myself, "Am I an ill whale awaiting his death? Am I no more a monster as I was?" But throughout my long way into the depths I saw the creatures in the bottom fleeing in front of me. They were horrified, crashing themselves upon the rocks and running away.

    "I am still a monster as I was ...So, from where does this tenderness come? Is the creature that I swallowed yesterday responsible for the weakness that has overwhelmed me? He is a Prophet, isn't he? He is blessed, isn't he? He is gentle-hearted, isn't he? No doubt, he is the one who is responsible for all the meekness and distress that has befallen me. There is no greater distress for whales than becoming meek."

    I wanted to hate him but I could not. I tried to forget him but I failed. The Prophet occupied my belly and mind together and I thanked Allah for not swallowing the shark in the morning for if I had swallowed it, it would have eaten him. I forgot the fact that we were expelled from the land because of man. I forgot all the enmity between our species and his.

          I went on thinking about one question, "What is the Prophet doing in my belly now?"

    I thought about the black water in which I was diving and my belly that was closed around Dha An-Noon, and I felt the greatness of his tragedy.

    I bounced against the seabed and I stopped the motion of my tail. Thousands of sea animals and monsters passed by me and greeted me rabidly out of fear. I saw them shining and shedding light.

    In the faraway depths of the sea, all the laws of the sun die out and so does the sun itself beyond the first one third of the sea. At this point, there begins the kingdom of darkness.

    The light of the swimming monsters reminded me of the darkness of my belly and I wondered, "How can the Prophet stand living in all this darkness?"

    "None has the right to be worshipped but you (O Allah.), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with you] truly, I have been of the wrong doers. "

    The voice was unknown to me. I know all the voices of animals, fish and monsters. That voice was surely not one of them. I moved my tail around myself to see who was hidden in the depths of the darkness but I did not find anyone. "None has the right to be worshipped but you (O Allah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You] Truly, I have been of the wrong doers.”

    The voice went on echoing without interruption. It continued without rest or wavering. A word by word '" The sentence had hardly ended when it started again '" Its circulation was like that of the sun or the moon.

      My mind became dizzy in my attempt to know the source of that voice. Then all of a sudden, there shone in my mind, that the voice was coming out from my Own body. I witnessed something like light emanating from my body with every glorification of Allah '" I realized that the imprisoned Prophet in my belly was glorifying Allah.

    All my body was trembling. I felt that I was sweating drops such as that of a diamond. I moved my tail and raised it up from the bottom of the sea. I said to myself, "I am going to follow

    Dha An-Noon who is not followed by anyone."

    "None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You] Truly, I have been of the wrong doers. "

    The words were trembling and shedding a kind of love that enlightened the darkness of the bottom of the sea. The water shone and had such a kindness that I never knew existed in the water. There existed a kind of connection between my belly and the water, plants that were petrified at the bottom, the old stones and the sandy clay.

    The seabed woke up and listened to the glorification of Dha An-Noon "None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You] Truly, I have been of the wrong doers."

    The Prophet worshiped Allah without partners and exalted Him with submission and obedience and charged himself at the same time of being a wrongdoer. I went on thinking about the meaning of the word "wrong". What does this word mean? How could Dha An-Noon be a wrongdoer? What did he do? These questions lay so heavily upon my mind and threatened to crush me.

    That was why I rushed to the surface of the water prostrating and asked, "What did the Prophet, whom I carry in my belly, do?"

    But there was no sound except for that of the waves. No one answered me.

    "Does this question constitute a crossing beyond my rank among creatures ?" I thought.

    My lungs were filled with air and I went on puffing. The sun was setting and the Prophet did not stop glorifying Allah, the Almighty.

    I watched the sunset.

    My heart was bleeding and I was annoyed as if I had been thrown outside the sea. I was sorry for him. I was hit with a strike of sorrow that left me lost in grief. This strike was like that of an unknown man that hit a whale leading him to his bloody end.

    I asked myself once again, "Is the Prophet's sadness contagious ?"

    Suddenly, I remembered that my belly was working. The process of digestion was taking place.

    "Maybe I have digested my companion who is in my belly,"  I thought.

    I said, "My companion" and I felt the truthfulness of my words.

    I wanted to stop the process of digestion but I could not. How could a creature be a monster and not control his belly. Where is the wildness if a part within his body disobeys him? I exerted a useless effort to control my belly but I failed.

    I decided to fast.

    I said to myself, "Maybe fasting will save him."

    I went on opening my jaw, filling my lungs with air that I might save him from suffocation.

    "What will happen if he is suffocated or digested?"

    "What will I say to the angel who has commanded me to keep him safe?"

    I went on asking myself such questions.

    Fear shook me so I went on striking the water with my tail, mighty and horrible strokes while I was shouting, and "O Lord, I want him to live '" I want him to be saved."

    A kind of strange terror struck me. I went on diving and getting out of the water without aim. The whales thought that I was ill and so they came.

    A whale asked me, "What is wrong with the white whale with a deformed tail?"

    I said, "I have a secret inside me that I cannot tell you about, so go away."

    The whales went away and left me alone.

    Waves went up and down. Glorification went up and up. It never went down, stopped, or rested.

    The sun sank into the sea.

    The night put on its black clothes and my heart put on the black clothes of sadness.

          I filled my lungs with air and moved my tail going down to the bottom of the sea.

    I rested my bones upon those at the bottom. I tried to think.

    I attempted to be in touch with him. So I whispered, in the middle of night, at the bottom of the sea and feeling great fear, "O noble Prophet! What can I do for you?"

    Dha An-Noon said, "None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You]. Truly, I have been of the wrong doers."

    I said, "O noble prophet! How can I help you to be saved?"

    He said, "None has the right to be worshipped but You (OAllah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You] Truly, I have been of the wrong doers."

    I realized that he was not listening to me ...He was busy glorifying Allah. I kept silent and stopped posing questions. I raised my tail vertically on the bottom and went on swimming my own way.

    A festival was held at the bottom of the sea among the creatures. The sand went up and glorified. The fish assembled and went on glorifying. The whales and the monsters came and each one of them went on glorifying Allah in the way he had been taught by Allah.

    I continued glorifying Allah while at the same time I felt great horror.

    I had a monstrous body but I was trembling.

    "Does the body feel afraid while glorifying Allah?" I thought.

    All I knew was that I was ready to do anything to save Yunus. All my stock of air ran out, so I burst forth rapidly up to the surface. I went on swimming and puffing.

    A ship passed by me but I did not pay attention to it. I was starving but I abstained from food for two days. I usually eat about one thousand kilos of fish per day. However, I decided to continue fasting.

    My belly started shrinking and my intestines became ill. I could not allow myself to swallow any food after swallowing Yunus. The motion of my belly would lead to his death. So, let my belly be immovable except for the painful motion of shrinking but not that of digestion.

    "None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You]. Truly, I have been of the wrong doers," the Prophet was still in his glorification of his Lord.

    I realized that I was killing myself by fasting ...but I realized at the same time that Yunus would not be saved from my belly except by killing myself.

    Yunus had become another soul for me.

    I had become "another" body for Yunus.

    The soul could be saved only with the destruction of the body.

    Then came the third day.

    I was fasting for the third day. The blood of strength was being extracted from my body, and the soul's voice of glorification was raised.

    In the farthest depth of my soul there rose a light beyond description.

    My intestines were truly ill. My belly continued to shrink and the voice of Yunus' glorification could still be heard. "None has the right to be worshipped but You (OAllah), Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You]. Truly, I have been of the wrong doers. "

    I was traveling across all the warm and cold seas before my depal1ure, to have a final look at the gulfs, rocks, fish, whales, water mosses, spume and salt.

    I stopped by an island. The shrinking of my belly was about to destroy me.

    I heard a voice coming from all directions, "Had he not been of those who glorify Allah, he would certainly have stayed in its belly until the Day of Resurrection."

    I opened my jaw and my ivory fangs opened because of pain and evacuated what was in my belly. I released the prisoner onto he island.

    I knew the secret before my death. How cruel is knowledge?

    I write down on the water. I write with perfume.

    My words sink within the sea and the blue sheet of water swallows my secret while I am writing ...I dream of being oil in lung candelabrums shaken by the wind like the waves.

    Shake ...

    Shake ...



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