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  • 13th Century (1200-1299) C.E.

    1202: Death of the Ghurid Sultan Ghias ud Din; accession of Mahmud.
    1204: Shahab ud Din Ghuri defeated by the Ghuzz Turks.
    1206: Death of Shahab ud Din Ghuri. Qutb ud Din Aibik crowned king in Lahore.
    1210: Assassination of the Ghurid Sultan MahmUd, accession of Sam. Death of Qutb ud Din Aibak, accession of Aram Shah in India.
    1211: End of the Ghurid rule, their territories annexed by the Khawarzam Shahs. In India Aram Shah overthrown by Iltutmish.
    1212: Battle of Al Uqab in Spain, end of the Al Mohad rule in Spain. The Al Mohads suffer defeat by the Christians in Spain at the Al-Uqba. The Al Mohad Sultan An Nasir escapes to Morocco where he dies soon after. Accession of his son Yusuf who takes over title of Al Mustansir.
    1214: In North Africa death of the Al Mohad ruler Al Nasir, accession of Al Mustansir. The Banu Marin under their leader Abdul Haq occupy the north eastern part of Morocco.
    1216: The Banu Marin under their leader Abdul Haq occupy north eastern part of Morocco. The Al Mohads suffer defeat by the Marinids at the battle of Nakur. The Banu Marin defeat the Al Mobads at the battle of Nakur.
    1217: The Marinids suffer defeat in the battle fought on the banks of the Sibu river. Abdul Haq is killed and the Marinids evacuate Morocco. In the battle of Sibu the Marinids suffer defeat; their leader Abdul Haq is killed and they evacuate Morocco.
    1218: Death of the Ayyubid ruler Al Adil, accession of Al Kamil. The Marinids return to Morocco under their leader Othman and occupy Fez.
    1220: Death of the Khawarzam Shah Ala ud Din, accession of Jalal ud Din Mangbarni.
    1222: Death of the Zangi ruler Nasir ud Din Mahmud, power captured by Badr ud Din Lulu.
    1223: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Muntasir, accession of Abdul Wahid. Death of Yusuf Al Mustansir, accession of Abdul Wahid in Morocco.. In Spain a brother of Yusuf declares his independence and assumes the title of Al Adil. In Spain Abu Muhammad overthrows Al Adil. Al Adil escapes to Morocco and overthrows Abdul Wahid.
    1224: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Abdul Wahid, accession of Abdullah Adil.
    1225: Death of the Abbasid Caliph Al Nasir, accession of Al Mustansir.
    1227: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Abdullah Adil, accession of Mustasim. Assassination of Al Adil, accession of his son Yahya who assumes the throne under the name of Al Mustasim.
    1229: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Mustasim, accession of Idris. The Ayyubid Al Kamil restores Jerusalem to the Christians. Abu Muhammad dies in Spain and is succeeded by Al Mamun. Al Mamun invades Morocco with Christian help. Yahya is defeated and power is captured by Al Mamun. He denies the Mahdiship of Ibn Tumarat.
    1230: End of the Khawarzam Shah rule.
    1232: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Idris, accession, of Abdul Wahid II. Assassination of Al Mamun; accession of his son Ar-Rashid.
    1234: Death of the Ayyubid ruler Al Kamil, accession of Al Adil.
    1236: Death of Delhi Sultan Iltutmish. Accession of Rukn ud Din Feroz Shah.
    1237: Accession of Razia Sultana as Delhi Sultan.
    1240: Death of Ar-Rashid; accession of his son Abu Said.
    1241: Death of Razia Sultana, accession of Bahram Shah.
    1242: Death of Bahram Shah, accession of Ala ud Din Masud Shah as Delhi Sultan. Death of the Al Mohad rules Abdul Wahid, accession of Abu Hasan. Death of the Abbasid Caliph Mustansir, accession of Mustasim.
    1243: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Abdul Walid II, accession of
    1244: The Al Mohads defeat the Marinids at the battle of Abu Bayash. The Marinids evacuate Morocco.
    1245: The Muslims reconquer Jerusalem.
    1246: Death of the Delhi Sultan Ala ud Din Masud Shah, accession of Nasir ud Din Mahmud Shah.
    1248: Death of the Al Mohad ruler Abul Hasan, accession of Omar Murtaza. Abu Said attacks Tlemsen, but is ambushed and killed; accession of his son Murtada.
    1250: The Marinids return to Morocco, and occupy a greatar part thereof.
    1258: The Mongols sack Baghdad. Death of the Abbasid Caliph Mustasim. End of the Abbasid rule. Fall of Baghdad, end of the Abbasid caliphate. The Mongol II-Khans under Halaku establish their rule in Iran and Iraq with the capital at Maragah. Berek Khan the Muslim chief of the Golden Horde protests against the treatment meted out to the Abbasid Caliph and withdraw his Contingent from Baghdad.
    1259: Abu Abdullah the Hafsid ruler declares himself as the Caliph and assumes the name of Al Mustamir.
    1260: Battle of Ayn Jalut in Syria. The Mongols are defeated by the Mamluks of Egypt, and the spell of the invincibility of the Mongols is broken. Baybars becomes the Mamluk Sultan.
    1262: Death of Bahauddin Zikriya in Multan who is credited with the introduction of the Suhrawardi Sufi order in the IndoPakistan sub-continent.
    1265: Death of Halaku. Death of Fariduddin Ganj Shakkar the Chishti saint of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent.
    1266: Death of Berek Khan the first ruler of the Golden Horde to be converted to Islam. The eighth crusade. The crusaders invade Tunisia. Failure of the crusade.
    1267: Malik ul Salih establishes the first Muslim state of Samudra Pasai in Indonesia. Murtada seeks the help of the Christians, and the Spaniards invade Morocco. The Marinids drive away the Spaniards from Morocco. Assassination of Murtada; accession of Abu Dabbas.
    1269: Abu Dabbas is overthrown by the Marinida, End of the Al Mohads. End of the rule of the Al Mohads in Morocco, the Marinids come to power in Morocco under Abu Yaqub.
    1270: Death of Mansa Wali the founder of the Muslim rule in M ali.
    1272: Death of Muhammad I the founder of the state of Granada. Yaghmurason invades Morocco but meets a reverse at the battle
    1273: Death of Jalaluddin Rumi.
    1274: Death of Nasiruddin Tusi. The Marinids wrest Sijilmasa from the Zayenids. Ninth crusade under Edward I of England. The crusade ends in fiasco and Edward returns to England.
    1277: Death of Baybars.
    1280: Battle of Hims.
    1283: Death of Yaghmurasan. Accession of his son Othman.
    1285: Tunisis splits in Tunis and Bougie.
    1286: Death of Ghiasuddin Balban. Death of Abu Yusuf Yaqub. Bughra Khan declares his independence in Bengal under the name of Nasiruddin.
    1290: End of the slave dynasty Jalaluddin Khilji comes into power. Othman embarks on a career of conquest and by 1290 C.E. most of the Central Maghreb is conquered by the Zayanids.
    1291: Saadi.
    1296: Alauddin Ghazan converted to Islam.
    1299: Mongols invade Syria. The Marinids besiege Tlemsen the capital of the Zayanids.
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