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  • (18) The Great PROVIDER 

    Allah is the Creator of subsistence and the ways of maintaining it; He is the Creator of the living beings and all the means of conveying livelihood to them and their enjoying it. The Great PROVIDER endows all the existing beings with all the means that can maintain their forms and shapes. He provides minds with knowledge and wisdom, hearts with insight, souls with revelation, and bodies with sustenance such as food, water, air, and clothes. Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, says, “For God is He Who gives all sustenance, Lord of Power, Steadfast for ever.” (ZARYIAT, 58)“And in heaven is your sustenance, as also that which ye are promised.” (ZARIYAT, 22)“There is no moving creature on the earth but its sustenance dependeth on God, He knoweth the time and place of its definite abode and its temporary deposit; all is in a clear record.” (HUD, 6)“..We ask thee not to provide sustenance, We provide it for thee”(TA-HA, 132).
    Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him, says, “If someone flees his subsistence, then his subsistence, as if it were a lion, will reach and outstrip him till it enters his mouth” (Hadith), “If you trust in Allahand recommend your souls to Him as you should, He will provide you with the means ofsubsistence as He endows birds with their sustenance, they leave earlyin the morning with empty stomachs and return corpulent” (Hadith). Praise and Glory be to the Great PROVIDER, He is Allah.

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