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  • (31) The BENIGNANT 

    The all-knowing Omniscience of Allah encompasses everything; the hidden, the invisible and the manifest; Allah is the All-Aware of the core and essence of things. He is imperceptible and inaccessibleto our visions; He is too Exalted for being restricted to locations, places, directions or lands; no mind or idea can ever perceive the essence of His Exalted Self, nevertheless, He is nearer to every being than its own self, and dispels blights and worries when one is afflicted; He is able to mould things in a way so refined that they may appear counter to what is meant of them. Allah knows the most minute details of every secret andall the mysterious aspects of the invisible, then He conveys them benignlyand tenderly to the deserving.
    Furthermore, when benignity of the Divine Acts blends with the subtlety of omniscience, then this is the perfect meaning of the Arabic word lutf which means benignity. The finest details of Allah’s Graciousness and Benignity to His creatures are countless, “..gracious is God to His servants.” (SHURA, 19)“..Verily my Lord understandeth best the mysteries of all that He planneth to do.” (YUSUF, 100). Contemplate the nourishment of the fetus in its mother’s womb, then how it is inspired how to suck its mother’s breast soon after its birth, then contemplate how the emergence of the teethis delayed till the baby is weaned, and how the teeth are divided into molars, incisors and canine teeth. Have a look at the utilization of the tongueas a shovel and at the same time it is used in articulation.
    Allah is the BENIGNANT Who imposed upon us what does notexceed our endurance though He granted us more than our need. Allah,Praise and Glory be to Him, brings out pearls from oysters, honey frombees, silk from silkworms, and the human being from mingled sperm. Contemplate how Allah grants man his sustenance with no hardship, grants him allthe means to utilize its advantageous elements and to get rid of its harmful elements without any intervention of the human being; His Benignity to His creatures is countless; Glory be to the BENIGNANT, Praise and Glory beto Him, He is Allah

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