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  • (47) TheALL-WISE 

    The wise is the one who has wisdom, and wisdom is the best knowledge of the best of sciences. Wisdom also denotes well-management of things and supreme skill. Allah, the ALL-WISE is the Master of absolute wisdom and knowledge; He, Praise and Glory be to Him, knows the most exalted things of the holiest sciences; for He knows His Exalted Self, His Attributes and His Most Beautiful Names.
    His Knowledge is permanent, nothing can ever blemish or escapeHis all-embracing Knowledge that is void of any doubts. As for the well-management and the mastery over all things, Allah, Praise and Glorybe to Him, says, “He Who has made everything which He has createdmost Good” (SAJDA, 7)“Such is theartistry of God Who disposes of all things in perfect order.” (NAML, 88)“So blessed be God, the Best to create!” (MU’MINUN, 14)“..He Who gave to each created thing its form and nature, and further, gave it guidance.” (TA-HA, 50). Praise and Glory be to Him, the ALL-WISE, He is Allah

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