He is Allah

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  • He is Allah

  • (49) The Most GLORIOUS 

    AllahAL-MAJEED, is the sole Owner of perfect and complete Honour, and the extensive vast dominion eternally and permanently; He is extremely perfect in Glory and Honour; He is Exalted in rank andHis Divine Acts are full of goodness and His Donation is lavish and abundant. When honour blends with the goodness of the act, then it is called glory; Glory is attributed to Allah since eternity. He, the Most GLORIOUS, says, “..for He is indeed worthy of all praise, full of all glory.” (HUD, 73)“Lord of the Throne of Glory.”(BURUJ, 15). He described His Words in the Qur’an and said, “Qaf, by the Glorious Qur’an.”(Qaf, 1), because the Qur’an is very useful and benevolent, and because as He described it, “It is in Books held greatly in honour. Exalted in dignity,kept pure and holy.” (‘ABASA, 13, 14). Glorybe to the Most GLORIOUS, He is Allah.

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