He is Allah

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  • (55) The OMNIPOTENT 

    AL-MATEEN is derived from matana which means being firm, unchangeable and fixed. Allah is the One Who has perfect and unconquerable Power; no one objects His Actions, or prevents His Orders from being carried out. Omnipotence denotes extreme power, the Almighty must be omnipotent, He described himself in the Qur’an and said, “For God is He Who gives all Sustenance, Lord of Power, Steadfast for ever” (ZARIYAT, 58), and He threatened the unbelievers by saying, “Respite will I grant unto them; for My scheme is strong and unfailing” (A‘RAF, 183), which means thatHis Scheme is unconquerable.
    The OMNIPOTENT is He Whose Omnipotence is insurmountable and inaccessible. The OMNIPOTENT is not perfectly known save by Him. Glory be to Him, He is Allah.

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