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    (60) The REPEATER (AL-MU‘EED 

    To originate is to create an unprecedented thing, but if it had been preceded by something similar, then this would be repeating. Allah, the ORIGINATOR created everything from non-existence to existence; the REPEATER repeats their creation after they perish.
    Allah, Glory be to Him, says, “It is He who begins the process of creation; then repeats it; and for Him it is most easy” (RUM, 27)“It is He Who creates from the very beginning, and He can restore life” (BURUJ, 13)“..even as We produced the first Creation so shall We produce anew one” (ANBIYA’, 104)“Such as Hecreated you in the beginning, so shall ye return” (A‘RAF, 29)“..and Falsehood neither creates anythingnew nor restores anything” (SABA’, 49)“..itis He Who beginneth the process of creation and repeateth it” (YUNUS, 4) “See they not how God originates creation then repeats it” (‘ANKABUT, 19).
    The Arabic verb bada’a is to create something in an unexampled and unprecedented form. Examples of origination and repetition are countless such as the grain and the tree, the egg and the hen. Glory be to the ORIGINATOR and the REPEATER, He is Allah.

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