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  • (7) The BESTOWER of Security 

    The BESTOWER of SECURITY is He to Whom all thoughts and ideas of safety and security are exclusively attributed and are derived from His Supremacy. No safety can be best appreciated except in the time of fear and danger, and no fear can be felt but under the overwhelming possibility of non-existence and perdition. The true BESTOWER of SECURITY is He Who is able to provide all the means of safety and peace; He prevents the accessof fear to whoever He secures.
    All creatures are feeble and weak, subject to all sorts of perdition and loss from within, as diseases, and from without, as what befalls them from enemies and blights. Allah endows every creature with all the means of security and safety through senses, medicines, barricades, organs and weapons, and He grants them the secrets of the mode of operating them. The one who is deprived of all these endowments is bestowed with meansof flight as wings in birds, and as disguise and changing colors to matchtheir environment in chameleons.
    The torrential fear is the fear from eternal damnation in the hereafter and to be entrenched against it can only be attained by declaring (There is no god but Allah).
    These are the words Allah guided us to. The Prophet, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him, says, Allah says, (There is no god but Allah) are My words and I am Allah; anyone who will say these words enters My Fort and will be entrenched against My Torture” (Hadith).
    Allah’s name AL-MU’MIN can be perceived asasserting Allah’s evidential consolidation to His messengers whomHe had elected, by revealing their miracles and gifts that prove theirtruthfulness. Allah says,“Yea, God knoweth that thou art indeedHis Apostle.” (MUNAFIKUN, 1)“Thereis no god but He: that is the witness of God.” (AL-I-‘IMRAN,18).
    Blessed be Allah, Whose Presence is the Source of Security to the whole world, blessed be the BESTOWER of Security, Praise and Glory be to Him, He is Allah

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