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    8. Allah did not reveal
    to a human being

    The Mushrikin, with vague and
    vain arguments designed to overthrow the truth and a stubborn refusal to see
    it, claimed: (Nothing did Allah send down to any human being),1 although close to them in the Arabian Peninsula lived People of Scripture, the Jews,
    whom they acknowledged to be followers of a Divine Book, the Torah.

    a claim – in the past or present – could only be made by those who do not
    esteem Allah as is due to Him, nor understand the Generosity of Allah, His
    Kindness, Mercy, and Justice.

    Allah, the Most Kind,
    Ever-Merciful, and All-Wise, would not leave man alone when He created him. He
    knows his innermost secrets and outward deeds, strengths and weaknesses,
    abilities and inabilities, and his need to resort to a just balance to weigh
    with it his words and deeds, beliefs and ideals, systems and laws to see
    whether they prove right or wrong, true or false.

    Allah U knows that the mind He has given man will be
    subject to internal pressures from wants, cravings, and inclinations. To man is
    entrusted the powers of the earth, over which he is given authority to make use
    of, having been subjected to him by Allah. Yet it is not entrusted to man to
    form independent beliefs about existence or lay the basic laws of

    This belongs in the
    domain of the creed sent down by Allah to provide the correct beliefs that must
    be held about existence and life.

    Therefore, Allah does not
    entrust man to his mind alone, or to the Fitrah (innate pure nature) He
    has placed in him through which he naturally knows his Lord, loves Him, yearns
    for Him, and beseeches for His Help in times of calamity. This Fitrah may
    become distorted because of internal and external pressures, and under forces
    of temptation and desire.

    Rather, Allah entrusts
    mankind to His Revelations, His Messengers,
    His Guidance, and His Books, to restore to their inborn nature its
    purity and uprightness, to their minds its righteousness and soundness, and to
    remove the coverings from within and outside their souls which mislead them
    from the path.

    This is what befits the
    Generosity of Allah, His Kindness, Mercy, Justice, Wisdom, and Knowledge. He
    U would not create mankind then leave them
    neglected, and then bring them on the Day of Judgment to account for their
    deeds without having sent among them a Messenger.
    (And We never
    punish until We have sent a Messenger (to give warning).

    In the face of the fact that
    both the Message of Musa (Moses
    r) and its followers were acknowledged among the
    Arabs in the Peninsula, Allah
    U commanded His Messenger r to contradict the Mushrikin who denied
    any message or revelation with the following truth:

    (Say (O Muhammad), Who then sent down the Book which Musa (Moses) brought, a light
    and guidance to mankind.

    Confront them with this
    truth and leave the answer4:

    (Say, Allah (sent it down). Then leave them to play in their vain discussions.)5

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    Translated meanings of
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