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  • (99) The Most PATIENT 

    The Arabic noun sabr denotes self-control by doing whatis dictated by the mind and jurisprudence, and this is patience in obedience; sabr also denotes self-restraint by not doing what is rejected by the mind and prohibited by jurisprudence, and this is patience in facing sins. Allah says, “Now await in patience the command of thy Lord” (TUR, 48)“..but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere” (BAQARA, 155),“..verily in this there are Signs for such as are firmly patient and constant, grateful and appreciative” (IBRAHIM, 5)“..persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other”(AL-I-‘IMRAN, 200).
    The Most PATIENT, which could only be Allah, inspires His creatures with patience and perseverance; He is never provoked by thesinful creatures and does not hasten to punish the sinner. He does nothasten to take action before their eligible time, but He predeterminesand executes matters in a suitable way, all this without any hardshipsor anyone’s objection. As for the patience of creatures, it is not voidof suffering and conflict between what is dictated by the mind and religion,and what is favoured because of exasperation or lust.
    And true were the words of Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him, who said “The most PATIENT is Allah who, when His creatures say that He begot a child, keeps them in goodhealth and sustains them” (HADITH), Glory beto the Most PATIENT, Glory be to Him, He is Allah

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