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    The Atheists and Abu Hanifa Another Time

    Once Imam Abu Hanifa was called to a debate with some freethinkers
    and atheists and there was a time set for this debate.

    When the time of the debate was about to start, the freethinkers were
    in a particular place before an assembly of people. Imam Abu Hanifa was very
    late from the agreed upon time. The attendees awaited him until they ere
    unable to stand or bear more and the freethinkers started to boast amongst
    themselves of their claims of rejecting the existence of Allah (Exalted and
    Dignified be He). They took from the absence of Imam Abu Hanifa from
    the agreed time, as a proof of his inability to prove what he claimed.

    While the boasting of the atheists was about to reach its climax and
    the annoyance of the attendees from the late of the Imam was about to reach
    its peak, Imam Abu Hanifa arrived. He immediately begged the attendees
    to excuse him, claiming that he was supposed to attend in time, saying ‘I
    was on the opposite bank of the Tigris river and I did not find a boat to
    bring me across the river. So I was obliged to await more time but I did
    not find any boat. When I was despondent about finding a boat to transfer
    me to the opposite bank of the river I was about to return to my house.
    But from a far distance, I saw some wooden boards coming towards me on their
    own (without any sailor). When these boards came near me, they began to
    organize themselves until they form a beautiful boat so I mounted it, crossed
    the river and came to you.

    Therefore, all freethinkers said, do you mock us O Abu Hanifa?! Is it
    not logical that the wooden boards can come to you on their own as you have
    descried and form themselves a boat?! He said, this is what you have gathered
    to argue with me. If you do not accept that the boards can make themselves
    into a boat, so, how do you claim that this well-knitted and marvelous world,
    with heaven, earth, Man and animal, created itself and its creation happed
    haphazardly without a creator?!. Therefore, the freethinkers were unable
    to pronounce any word or give any proclaim their (return) to Islam at the
    hands of Abu Hanifa (may Allah be pleased with him).8

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