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  • 10 Do We Need Proof about The Existence Of Allah?

    Once, a scholar of sacred knowledge was asked, what is theproof for the existence of Allah. 'Allah', the scholar replied. Then, hewas asked again, what about the apparatus of mind? 'It is deficient andleads only to something like', he replied.

    Ibn Ata' As-Sakandan said, "O Allah! How can they cite what needs Youas an evidence for You?! Is there anything more evident than You to be cited as an evidence for You?! When did You cease watching the world that we need an evidence for Your existence?! And how far did you go that now we have to pursue Your traces to find You?! How can He be veiled while He disclosed every-thing?! How can He be veiled while He is evident anywhere?! How can He be veiled while He is the ever Evident and the only One Who has no peer?! How can He be veiled while Lie is nearer to us than anything else?! How can He be veiled while we owe our existence to Him?!

    Thus there is no comparison between those who know Allah as a source of evidence or as an end of evidence. The former return the right to its owner, whereas the latter are misled. When did He cease watching the world thatwe need evidence for His Existence?! How far did He go so that we have topursue His traces?!

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