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  • Allah’s Descent to the Lower Heaven 
    Is it real or figurative? Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him, said, “Allah descends to the lower heaven in the terminal third of the night”.
    The first group said that the descent to the lower heaven is an attribute that suits Allah’s Exaltation, and it cannot becompared to the descent of creatures. Moreover, on saying that Allahis firmly established on the Throne we do not ever equate this to theestablishment of creatures. The descent is a true attribute of Allahin the manner He wishes. They say, Prophet Muhammad, Allah’sPrayers and Peace be upon him, told us that Allahdescendsbut he did not mention to us the manner of His Descent.
    The second group said that the descent is not a realitybut indicates the opening of the gates of repentance, mercy and answeringof the worshippers’ prayers, as it is not permissible to think that Allahmoves from one place to another because this is a quality of created things.
    Modern science proved that the terminal third of the night continues throughout the twenty-four hours as it is night in one place and dayin another owing to the sphericity of the earth and its rotation aroundits axis. So, if we adopt the opinion of the first group, then the conclusion will be that Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, is present in the lower heaven throughout the twenty-four hours, which specifies a fixedplace for He, and He is too Exalted to be limited by time or place. Onthe other hand if we adopt the opinion of the second group then we willdelve in what we have no knowledge of; thereupon, we must believe in theProphetic Hadith as it is, without ever trying to interpret it. It sufficesus to know that it is recommended that we, wherever we are, ask for Allah’s forgiveness, pray and resort to Him in the late hours of the night when everything is peaceful and everyone is not busy, and there is general remoteness from hypocrisy and can direct ourselves to Allah with absolute devotion to Him.

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