Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    The spymaster pointed at Maqrur and whispered to the chief of the night watchmen, "We have caught him red-handed in the act of prostration to other gods than ours. Why do we not kill him now and be relieved from him once and for all? Was it not the command of our great master in the banquet? He ordered us to murder him in a deplorable accident, didn't he?"


    The chief of the night watchmen said in a low voice, "Our great master has changed his mind. He summoned me this morning and ordered that we should bring Maqrur to meet him."


    The spymaster said, "Do you think that he does not trust us? Does he want to kill Maqrur himself?"


    The chief of the night watchmen said, "You always doubt others, why do you think so?"


    The spymaster said, "It is my job. What do you think?"


    The chief of the night watchmen answered, "I think our master wants to amuse himself first before killing him. Have you never seen a cat eating a mouse?! Does the cat eat it immediately or first play with it for sometime before swallowing it up?"


    The spymaster said, "Then, he wants to play with him! I do think that there is a great danger behind all of this. He is now prostrating, completely helpless and powerless, what a good

    chance if we kill him now, everything will be over."


    The chief of the night watchmen said earnestly in a low voice, "The commands are to catch and bring him alive to our master, not to kill him. Are you going to arrest him or will you leave the mission for me?"


    The spymaster said, "No! It is your job. I have only to discover the truth. I will not interfere in your job and you should not too. Leave him to me, I have got various means of torture that make even the stone confess everything."


    Masrur was sitting in his mansion to judge among people, when the watchman came to announce the arrival of the accused, Maqrur,


    Masrur ordered everybody except the grand vizier, the chief judge and the lasher to leave. After a while, the spymaster and the chief of the night watchmen entered holding Maqrur, who was tightly bound with iron chains.


    Masrur sat quietly looking at Maqrur, He was wearing a shabby piece of cloth that left parts of his body uncovered. His feet were bare and dusty; his face was pale but peaceful. Great surprise was clearly reflected from his two pure and shining eyes. When he looked at the walls that were made of Sandalwood and sculptured with gold, he was even more surprised.


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