Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    Masrur was observing his prey and prisoner while Maqrur was observing the golden chair of the great master; his opponent and judge. Masrur was overwhelmed by the feeling of hatred and enmity, while Maqrur was overwhelmed with astonishment at such a luxurious life.


    He was annoyed to meet the great master barefooted, as Maqrur considered it to be impolite. He should have taken his shoes off before entering to avoid tarnishing those expensive carpets. Unfortunately, he did not have the chance to do so. After Maqrur had repented, he became very poor, to the extent that he did not even own a pair of shoes. He was perplexed whether to tell his master this fact or not.


    What Maqrur expected actually happened.


    Masrur blamed him and said, "Where are your shoes?"


    "I left them at a cave door of a mountain in Eastem Egypt. Since that time, I have failed to get another pair."


    Masrur said, "Undoubtedly, you know of what you are accused."


    Maqrur quickly started to think about his accusation. Verily, the previous ten years were void of any action that violated the law. Did the master mean his past miserable life?!


    Masrur interrupted his train of thought and said, "You dog, speak. It is better for you to offer full confession."


    Maqrur said, "Do you want a full confession?"


    Masrur cried, "Yes!"


    Maqrur said, "I will confess. I will say everything to you. I was a highway robber, a thief who lived upon stealing and drinking. I was a very rich man and thusly women were used to chase me everywhere. Then I left all of this. I confess that I was guilty but that was ten years ago."


    Masrur protested saying, "I am not asking you to tell us about your life story."


    Maqrur said, "What are you asking about then, great master?"


    Masrur said, "I am asking about your other crime. Theft and highway robbery are of no importance to me. Tell us about your I other crime."


    Maqrur thought for a while, then he said, "That was all sir."


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