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    1.          Mr.Christopher Shelton



    October 28, 1996. My conversion to Islam began in my
    eighth grade year. There was a Muslim student by the name of Raphael who first
    told me a little about Islam. At the time he was not so knowledgeable about
    Islam, but he put the initial interest in my mind, which never went away. In
    the ninth grade there was another student by the name of Leonard who claimed at
    one time or another that he was a Muslim but he was more or less a pretender.
    The one thing he did do was to give me a pamphlet on true Islam, which
    increased my interest in Islam. I didn't hear much more about Islam until my
    tenth grade year.

    That year me and
    Leonard would sit in the back of geometry class and blame all of the world's
    problems on white people while we would exalt the status of black people above
    all other races. At that time in my life I thought that Islam was the religion
    for black people, but unfortunately the Islam I was talking about was nothing
    more than black nationalism with a slight touch of true Islam. It was very
    similar to The Nation of Islam. As time went on I began to see that my black
    nationalist views and my perception of what Islam was about became tired. It
    was useless to hate almost all white people and to blame this on Islam. Around
    the same time I totally denounced Christianity as my religion. I got tired of
    the unintelligible doctrines and the many contradictions within the religion.

    The next year of high
    school I was conversing with a few students about religion and they told me to
    buy a Qu'ran so I did. I went to the nearest bookstore and bought a very poor
    translation of the Qu'ran but it was the first real look into the truth about
    Islam. Within a few weeks I took on the beliefs of a Muslim even though I
    hadn't taken
    shahadah yet.
    Most of what I was doing concerning Islam was wrong
    because I never had a chance to go to a masjid because my mother totally
    forbade it. As time went on I finally got an Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of
    the Qu’ran, which opened my eyes to so much about Islam. In the meantime my
    mother was doing
    everything in her power
    to prevent me from embracing Islam. She took me to see her preacher three
    times, which was of no avail. As time passed I began to learn more and more
    about Islam from various books I could get my hands on. I finally learned how
    to make
    salat correctly from one of
    these books. My mother was still trying her best to make me become a Christian

    My mother and I would
    frequently argue about religion until one day my mother had enough and told my
    dad that I was going to have to live with him. He had absolutely no problem
    with this. The day after I graduated from high school I moved in with my dad. I
    can see now that my parent's divorce was actually a blessing in disguise. Their
    divorce provided me with a place to live in which I could practice Islam
    freely. My dad had no problem with my interest in Islam.

    One day I called the
    Islamic Learning Center in Fayetteville and a brother by the name of Mustafa
    told me to come down for the
    Taleem (lesson) to learn more about Islam. Everybody was extremely hospitable
    and Mustafa even gave me a ride home. After three weeks of going to
    Jumuah (Friday congregational prayers) and
    Taleem I finally took my
    Shahadah on July 2,1995. Ever since then I have been an active member of the
    Islamic community. I am also very pleased to say that Raphael (the person who
    gave me my initial in interest in Islam) got back to Islam seriously and took S
    hahadah a few months before I did. We still keep
    in touch even though he is in England.


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