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  • 1.          Mr. David Pradarelli



    February 25, 1997. Assalam-aleikum wa rahmatullah!

    came to Islam pretty much on my own. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but
    I always had a deep fascination with the spiritualities of other cultures. My
    Journey started when I desired to have a relationship with my Creator. I wanted
    to find my spirituality, and not the one I was born with. I spent some time in
    the Catholic religious order known as the Franciscans. I had many friends and I
    enjoyed prayer times, but it just seemed to relaxed in its faith, and there
    was, in my opinion, too much arrogance and hypocrisy. When I had returned back
    from the order into secular living again, I once again was searching for my way
    to reach God (Allah). One night I was watching the news on television, and of
    course they were continuing their one-sided half-truth reports on Muslims
    (always in a negative light instead of balancing it by showing the positive
    side as well) with images of violence and terrorism. I decided long ago that
    the news media has no morals whatsoever and will trash anyone for that
    "juicy story", and I pretty much refused to believe anything they
    said. I decided to research Islam for myself and draw my own conclusions.

    What I found paled all the negative images that the
    satanic media spewed forth. I found a religion deep in love and spiritual
    truth, and constant God-mindfulness. What may be fanaticism to one person may
    be devotion to another. I picked up a small paperback Qur'an and began
    devouring everything I could. It opened my eyes to the wonder and mercy of
    ALLAH, and I found the fascination growing every was all I could think
    about. No other religion including Catholicism impacted me in such a powerful
    way...I actually found myself in God-awareness 24 hours a day 7 days a
    week...each time I went to my five daily prayers, I went with
    anticipation...finally! What I have been searching for all of my life.

    I finally got enough courage to go to a mosque and
    profess the
    Shahadah before my Muslim brothers and sisters. I now am a
    practicing Muslim and I thank ALLAH for leading me to this place: Ashhahdu
    anna la ilaha ilallah wa Muhammadur rasul ALLAH!
    This means: "I
    believe in the oneness and totalness of ALLAH and that Muhammad (peace and
    blessings be upon him) is the Messenger of ALLAH." I now also accept Jesus
    as no longer equal with ALLAH, but sent as Muhammad was sent bring all of
    mankind to submission to the will of ALLAH! May all of mankind find the light
    and truth of ALLAH.


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