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  • 16 Chance and Nature

    Allah the Almighty says:

    “Were they created of nothing or were they themselvesthe creators.”
    (At-Tur: 35)

    Many atheists believed that nature created Man and granted him reason. Unfortunately,we heard such allegations from some teachers when we were young since thetime of the First World war and after that as well. Those teachers were thedisciples of the western civilizations of London and Paris. They thoughtthat when they believed in such allegations they would be described as illuminated.This term (illuminated) is equal to the term "progressive" nowadays. Everyage has its terms by which the people are deceived. Likewise, the Americansattempted to deceive the Indians in America by tricking them with coloredclothes to usurp their property and land.

    As I got older I asked, 'what is nature? They answered: nature is chance, the law of probabilities. I commented, "Do you know how this can be exemplified? It can be exemplified as follows:

    Two people were lost in the desert. Then, they passed by a big palace withdecorated walls, precious carpets and expensive clocks. Meanwhile, one ofthem said, someone has built this palace and furnished it. But the other toldhim that he is just a radical and uncivilized person. This was made by chance.How? The first man asked. The second said, "There were stones and then camethe flood, wind, weather and other forces of the nature, thus the stonesaccumulated, as years and centuries passed the stones became a wall by chance.What about the carpets? lie was asked. The other answered, "It was just somesheep whose wool was removed by the air and it came together, then metalsmixed themselves to it. Therefore, they had the color and interested untilit became such corpse. What about the clocks? He said, "They are just ironwhich was exposed to the factors of the weather and was cut into pieces andcircles. The circles and pieces of this iron come together as shown in thisform.

    Another example is: what if some one told us that a publishing house hasa cost of characters sufficient to compose a book. Then a violent earthquake shook the house. The characters were dropped on one another and a book was composed by chance. The book was composed in a good manner, containing chapters and sections that tackle various scientific fields. Similarly, when someone assumes that I saw a blind man who was given a thousand needles and they askedhim after they had inserted a needle in a plate before him to throw the needlesone by one on the condition that the needles must enter the eyes of one anotherand he was successful. Can you or any rational man believe these two examples?This is of course impossible and incredible, hence, how could they believethat the universe and all what it contains was created by chance or spontaneity?

    How could a man who believes in such false allegations be counted as sane?

    Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah (may Allah have mercy on him) when arguing thatnature is itself an evidence for the Creator Most High, said, " I wonder aboutthe arrogance of those who believe that they were created by nature, howcan they believe that the deaths created the living beings." (Abu BakrAl-Jaza’ri, The Creed of the Believer)

    Further, Ibn Al-Qayyim said, "Poor infidel, you believe that this is createdby nature and nature has many wonders and mysteries? Behold, if Allah wantsto guide you, you may ask yourself: what is nature? Is it self dependent? Does it have knowledge and power to do such wondrous actions or not? To believe that it is just a binding attribute to some object? If the answer is nature is an independent entity that has knowledge, power, will and wisdom, you shouldput into your account that these are the attributes of Allah, the Creator,why do you call Him nature?

    But if the answer is nature is just an attribute that needs a Supreme PowerWho has all attributes, you should ask yourself, how could an entity thathas no reason, power, wisdom or feeling perform such wondrous actions? Thisis surely insanity in the whole senses of the word.

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