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    Now we are going to discuss a unique miracle i.e., the five Unseen aspects of knowledge which belongs only to Allah and are stated in the following verse:

    “Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). It is He Who send down rain, and He Who knows what is in the wombs, nor doesany one know what it is that he will earn on the morrow, nor does anyone knowin what land he is to die. Verily with Allah is full knowledge and He isacquainted (with all things).”
    (Luqman: 34)

    The five Unseen things still only belong to Allah's knowledge and Gloryuntil now.

    Science might be able to calculate an approximate time for the beginning of the creation of the earth, but it can never specify the end. The knowledge of the Hour pertains only to Allah. Rain is also mentioned in the verse as an aspect of the Unseen. We have mentioned earlier that the science could not control the motion of clouds. If it could do so, it might turn the barren deserts into green gardens to solve the problem of starvation that plagues two-thirds of the inhabitants of the world in Asia, Africa and South America. Although the world witness great progress in the scientific and medical fields, they are still ignorant concerning the mysteries of wombs.

    In one of the American hospitals in Boston they found out that they candisclose the sex of the embryo after being created when analyzing the excrementsof the mother's womb and by using ultra sound technology. However, what ismeant in the verse is that Allah knows what is in the wombs (when being created).

    No sooner did this discovery glare than it lost its glamour. This is becausethe phase of pregnancy is still unknown regardless of their unsettled scientificsuggestion and supposition. They specify an approximate range of tune betweenthe maximal and minimal pregnancy, but this differs from mother to mother,from a natural birth to caesarean one or from one country to another. Theyare, actually, still conducting experiments to determine definitely the termof pregnancy? All predictions, despite using computers and ultra sound; arestill just suggestions and suppositions. As for the knowledge of forthcomingearning, the Man cannot predict what he shall gain, despite the vast progressin the field of mathematics and statistics which are expected to predictthe future of the industries and technology. No one, however intelligentscientist he is, will know what he shall gain.

    No one knows when or where he will die. Although we achieved great progress in the field of hygiene and could predict the average of life expectancy. It is also difficult to predict that a specific disease will attack a man during the course of his life in order that he could be vaccinated against them.

    Man can never know where he will die. Once, there was a wealthy Lebanese man called Emil Al-Bustani. He used to ridicule every thing even death. All people were amazed at his property and wealth. At the beginning of his life Emil was so poor that he would walk many miles in order to save the price of a loaf of bread to feed his mother. Afterwards, he became prosperous and a famous millionaire. Emil wished to ridicule death, therefore, he built aluxurious grave. This grave still exists in Lebanon until now. He bought veryexpensive marble from Italy to build his grave, he spent hundreds of thousandssterling pounds to make it an everlasting monument. On his birthday he usedto invite his friends to celebrate in the grave and they would drink wineuntil the break of day. Further, he asked them to commemorate his birthday annually. He foolishly said to them, "I will drink and celebrate with you even after death." After some time, Emil was on a flight, and the plane had an accident and fell in the sea. All the corpses of the dead were found except Emil's. Today, if someone wants to visit Lebanon he wilt find the grave, butEmil's corpse stays in the sea within the fish stomachs.

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