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    When speaking about power of the science which is adopted by some people as a god, we forget that science is still unable to do things by which Allah proves the in-ability of man. In this respect, we will not speak about the spirit and its realm. This is because: science does not delve into such realm. Rather, we will study some material things to prove the inability of the Manwho landed on the moon.

    The first thing we can discuss is water. Water has two components: hydrogenand oxygen. Allah the Almighty said,

    “See ye the water which ye drink? Do ye bring it down(in rain) from the cloud or do We?”

    (Al-Waq'iah: 69)

    Who created the water and brought it down from the sky? Allah did. Can sciencemake water or make the rainfall? If we ask of this false god, (science) acup of water will not be able to provide it!

    Once. I was in New York, five years ago. There was a panic because of ashortage in the underground water and there was not sufficient rain. The peoplewere asked to ration and reduce their use of water. Then science was introducedto try and solve the problem. They brought something thinking that it couldform artificial clouds. They did their best and spent millions of dollarstrying to make it rain. However, all of their efforts were futile. This isbecause clouds are created only by Allah. You may notice a cloud passingby a barren region but it does not rain but when it passes by a region fullof water, springs, rivers, it rains. Why are the scientists unable to makesuch a cloud rain in the former, not in the latter or rather make it rainanywhere? The answer is that science is still experimental. But we emphasize that all sources that make life continue like water, clouds, heat, wind etc. are created by Allah, the Mighty Who grants life until a determined term. Eventually, it turned out that science was unable to match Allah's Omnipotence.

    Secondly, let us consider the following verse:

    “From what is within their bodies, between excretionsand blood we produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those whodrink it.”

    (An-Nahi: 66)

    Milk is another Divine Miracle. Cows and buffaloes do not feed on a specialkind of fodder to produce it. They feed on any kind of fodder, yet they giveus milk, from which we can live. Could science make milk? They managed todecompose it and describe its components. They could also after some experimentsincrease its production. But could they make it? In one American laboratorythey carried out an experiment in order to make milk. They brought all milkcomponents and mixed them in the same way as they are found in the naturalmilk. Then, they brought twenty mice. Ten of them were fed on natural milkand the other on the artificial milk. Afterwards, they found out that themice which feed on the artificial milk became feeble and then died. On theother hand, the mice which feed on the natural milk grew healthy and strong.Although we need milk science is yet to provide our children a cup of suchmilk. As for the canned milk, it is made from natural milk.

    Some recent students in the university of Harvard examined and then emphasizedthe bad results of artificial milk that affect babies' health physicallyand psychologically.

    However we would like to conclude that Allah, Exalted be He, has facilitated science to Man though He is the Ever-Omnipotent and just says to anything "Be" and it may be that Allah the Ever-Lasting knows that Man will be deluded the same science and worship what he has made by science which Allah has grantedto him. Therefore, Allah has posited many miracles in his creation to challengethe delusion of Man whose eyes may bleed because of a fly or because a tinythorn may hurt his hand. Yet he can do nothing about it. Then he realizesthat whatever progress he achieves (even after he landed on the moon or Mars)he is always deficient before the Creator's Omnipotence and he will remainunable until the Day of Resurrection. This is shown in the Glorious Qur'anin the following verse,

    “O men! Here is a parable set forth! Listen to it! Those on whom, besides Allah, ye call, cannot create (even) a fly, if theyall met together for the purpose! And if the fly should snatch away anything from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. Feeble are those who petition and those whom they petition! They do not have right estimateof Allah.”
    (Al-Hajj: 73-64)

    Allah the High Exalted has denied the whole world with all that it contains the ability even to create a fly. Science enabled Man to overcome the nature and land on the moon and provided him with the T.V. and the radio through which he can watch and listen to men in several places at the same time. Yetit could not create a fly, or even the wing of a fly. Thus, Allah emphasizes that although He facilitated science to Man, yet he is just a human and in turn unable for ever with regards Allah's Omnipotence.

    What the scientists discovered from a long thousands of years is just andiota when compared with the qualities and laws set by Allah up on the universe.This is because, science did not develop the law of gravity nor does it keepup the heavens and the earth. It did not make a magnet of iron nor did itcreate the atmosphere in which we fly. It did not produce electricity ormake the water evaporable, extract oil and its derivatives, give the air theoxygen required for life. distribute hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen around the earth and the plant in fixed and accurate ratios, make the air have pressure so as to carry heavy loads like mountains, or make the water have density or weight. But rather it found out only the names and some laws created by Allah for the good of Man.

    Can we use Allah's favors to deny His existence and Glory? Despite the factthat the universe is full of endless hidden affairs. Sheikh Mutwali Ash-Sh`rawisaid; "The forthcoming intellectuals after many centuries to come will witnesssecret discoveries of Allah's hidden affairs as shown in the Qur'an, AllahAlmighty says:

    “Soon We will show Our signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth) and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them thatthis is the truth. It is not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things.”
    (Fussilat: 53)

    This verse is read as the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) didin the future form. Ever after thirty centuries it is read as it is. Thismeans that the hidden affairs of the universe are endless and will continue to be discovered until the Day of Judgment. Therefore, if something comes to our knowledge but we cannot realize it we should not assume that it does not exist. Such renunciation is out of stupidity and it contradict reason and nature.

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