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  • 13 Does Faith Contradicts Science?

    As a matter of fact, science leads to faith. In his book, An Introduction to Islam, Ali Tantawi said: "Both a true scientist and an illiterate are faithful. Atheism and unbelief are seemingly adopted by those who are not well-learned. Thus, whoever acquires little science (and stops at some point, he might lose his faithful nature since he might not master the science that leads to faith." (Ali Tantawi, Introduction to Islam)

    Albert Einstein said, "Faith without science walks as a limb and science without faith crawls like the blind."

    Albert MacCub Dinshtiz, Prof. of biology in the Faculty of Bailor andex-dean of the Academy of Science, in Florida, said: "Working in the fieldof sciences supported my faith in God to such an extent that it became strongerand deeper than it had been. Science, undoubtedly, increases the Man's insightto realize Allah's power. The newer issues that Man may discover the morefaithful a believer in Allah he becomes." Dr. Bastor also said, "True sciencecan never be materialized, but rather it leads to more knowledge of Allah."

    The Chemist Wetsis, a staff member in the Academy of Sciences and thedean of the Faculty of Medicine said, "When I feel that my belief in Allahstarts to shake I go directly towards the Academy of Science to fix it."

    A statistical study was performed by German scientist, Denirt analyzed the philosophical points of view of the outstanding scientists in the last four centuries. The number of those scientists is 290. Denirt found out the following:

    "(38) were atheists, (242) accepted the belief publicly and (20) weredisinterested concerning religion." This means that (925%) accepted Islampublicly. This great ratio indicates that the contradiction between faithand science alleged by the materialists is baseless. It turns out that faithand science are complementary

    A scientific theory can never contradict a Qur'anic verse or an authenticated Prophetic hadith. If it does, we should believe that such theoryis not fully proved. Currently numerous scientific theories are believedas being authentic but later end up being disregarded because they turn outto be false.

    In the 21st century, scientists in the fields of medicine,astrology geography and other pure experimental sciences laid down theirweapons and ceased to fight against religion and the Unseen. They then beginto admit the existence of Allah as a result of the scientific facts andspace research. They have nothing except to believe in Allah who disposesof the universe and what it contains. Therefore, science leads to the existenceof Allah and is compatible to the Unseen. All people have nothing exceptto surrender to Allah's Omnipotence. Allah has defied the Man to create evenvery simple things, before them science is still deficient.

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