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    To answer this question, let us refer to science concerning matter and the like in this life. If only what we see does exist, there are many invisible things that are beyond our senses. For example, if you put a magnet opposite to a piece of iron, you will notice that the magnet pulls the iron. Where is that power placed between the iron and the magnet? Is it touchable, visible or testable? We just realize it because of its effect as it pulled the iron. This gravity is created as colors. Colors cannot be visible, because ofits great darkness, before being reflected as an object like a cloth, awall, a plate or something else. For example, if we have a green cloth,we should bear in mind that the matter in the cloth has absorbed all colorssave the green, therefore, we notice it as being green and so on. Electricityalso is invisible. Only after lighting a lamp do we notice electricity conducted through wires. But, where is electricity? It is certainly invisible as are ultra violet rays, gravity and many other things that we can only notice them by the effect they leave. Behold, although these created things, gave a small example with regards to the whole world, are invisible, no wonder Allah Who created such things is invisible.

    How Is Allah's Figure:

    We do not know Allah's form. He is beyond any intellectual activity. Actually, having realized the nature of the above created things, we come to a result that there must be a Creator, Allah. As for the visibility of Allah, it is beyond our minds and perception. Therefore, Allah can never be seen in this world. This issue is also contravene the sacred knowledge and law. For example, we believe that the pen with which we write is designed by someone and made by a certain machine. Although, we believe that there must be a machine that made the pen, yet we ignore the shape of the machine. Thus, we believe that there must be a machine that made the pen without seeing it, and that is the point.
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