Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    Maqrur had a feeling that his guide wanted him to go but the scene of the three rivers was too beautiful to let go.


    He was thirsty but the moment he drank from the milk he felt certain changes within himself. In other words he felt he was given a new kind of life.


    He felt that his old senses were replaced by other different and stronger senses. In life he used to see but now his sight was different and the same thing applied to his senses of touch and taste.


    Thus Maqrur turned to his guide and said, "There must have been something in the milk for I feel as strong and healthy as a young man."


    The guide said, "You are now a young man."


    The guide then gave Maqrur a mirror and told him to look at himself.


    Maqrur was astonished. In the mirror he did not see the familiar face he used to know in life, which had always reflected the features of a miserable and oppressed man. Maqrur now saw himself in a new image. His face reflected the internal peace and tranquility he felt and the blessings he was enjoying.


    Once again the guide urged Maqrur to return to the palace saying, "There is someone waiting for you in the palace."


    Maqrur asked, "Who is it? I did not know many people in life."


    The guide said, "Your people are waiting for you."


    Maqrur said laughing, "I have no people and I have no relatives."


    The guide said, "You are talking about your previous life but you must forget all about it and you must know that you are now living in the Afterlife where everything is different, so free yourself from the chains of life."


    Maqrur stood thinking for a while then he said, "You are right, my mind is still attached to my previous life. Who did you say is waiting for me?"


    The guide said, "Your people are waiting and they are Allah's Gift to you. I am speaking about the Houris."


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