Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The houris

    Maqrur and his guide finally reached the palace. There the guide went on showing Maqrur the rooms of the palace, the furniture and everything there.


    They then came to a suite in the palace and here the guide stopped and said to Maqrur, "I cannot be your guide in that suite. It is that of your wife or wives of the Houris and nobody can enter it except you."


    Maqrur listened to his guide with great anxiety. In life he never knew how to talk to a lady or how to win a lady's admiration. He would always feel afraid whenever they were around him. So how could he manage to deal with this new wife of the Houris?


    On his way up the stairs to meet the Houri, he was thinking that maybe she would not like him or maybe she would not be interested in him or even more she may dislike him.


    Finally Maqrur stood at the door and knocked gently, then he opened the door and entered. Once he entered he stood stunned at the beauty of the Houri, which had never existed on earth and has the power to illuminate time and place together.


    Maqrur did not know what to say to her, the Houri then moved and said, "Why are you so late? Anyway welcome in Paradise. You do not know how much I missed you. I have waited thousands of years for you but I knew that the day we shall meet was approaching."


    Maqrur looked at her while she was speaking and she read his mind and said, "Do you think that I am beautiful? Do you think that I deserve you?"


    Maqrur said, "I think you are much more than I deserve."


    She said, "Do not think with your worldly mind. Allah is pleased with you and I am His Gift to you."


    While contemplating her beauty Maqrur said, "O Allah, You are so Exalted and Glorified."



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