Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • A love story

    Maqrur thus tasted the life of bliss in Paradise and on top of the material blessings came the Houris.


    The existence of this shy and beautiful Houri in his life was enough to change his feelings towards existence and his own self.


    In a moment of serenity Maqrur talked to his wife about his inner feelings.


    He said, "Every moment I feel more grateful to Allah. He blessed me with the ability of giving and receiving love though I had forgotten love a long time ago."


    The Houri said, "You have not forgotten love a long time ago as you say, your life under the shade of faith was a continuous love story. Worship and religion in their true essence are nothing but love. Your faith was your love for Allah and when you called people to monotheism it was out of your love for them. Paradise is the place where all those who love Allah gather, so how can you say that you have forgotten love?!"


    Maqrur thought about the Houri's words. He felt that her words filled him with inner peace and tranquility. Maqrur then lived his life in Paradise enjoying Allah's Blessings to His believing servants. On top of these blessings came the Houri whose love filled his whole world with peace, contentment and tranquility.


    In the beginning Maqrur thought that the earth of Paradise was made out of pure silver and its dust was made out of musk and saffron, this was how it seemed at first. However, he then discovered that the dust of Paradise was made out of something that looked like musk but that was actually much more beautiful than musk. This was the case with everything in Paradise, i.e.


    The internal truth of anything is much more beautiful than its external appearance.


    The thing he admired most in Paradise was its air and light that looked like a spring of love that knows nothing except joy. The light in Paradise was not the light of a sun or a moon or a lamp but it was rather the light of the Great Lord.


    Allah, the Almighty, says, (And the earth shone with the light 0f its Lord.)




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