Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The position of the Egyptian


    In Paradise Maqrur acquired new habits. In the morning he starts by swimming in the interior pool. He then rides his horse for an hour in his extended gardens. After this he returns to have

    his breakfast and then relax in the exterior pool and there the Houri entertains him with her interesting talk.


    However this day in particular Maqrur rode his horse for a longer distance and then he discovered that he entered a land that was not his. He tried to find his way back to his land but he could not. While he was standing confused thinking what to do, the owner of the land appeared.


    Seeing Maqrur, the owner of the land approached him and welcomed him heartily saying, "My honorable guest, welcome.


    Where is your residence in Paradise?"


    Maqrur dismounted his horse and said, "I came from the other bank of the river."


    Then they shook hands and Maqrur asked him, "Who is my generous host?"


    The host said, "I am an Egyptian who lived in the era of Musa and Pharaoh. I had a position against Pharaoh and this position was the reason, after Allah's Mercy on me, for my entering Paradise. Let us go to my palace which is not far from here to have a talk."


    They reached the man's palace and sat in one of his gardens talking with each other.


    Maqrur felt very curious and so he said, "Tell me about your story."


    The man gave Maqrur his book and said, "Open page seventy seven and you will see what I mean."


    Maqrur opened the page and once he did so, a tape with the voice and image started and Maqrur could see an important meeting taking place in the palace of Pharaoh. In this meeting he saw Pharaoh, Haman and a number of the most distinguished people at that time in Egypt.


    Almighty Allah Says, {Pharaoh said, 'Leave me to kill Musa (Moses), and let him call his Lord (to stop me from killing him)! I fear that he may change your religion, or that he may cause mischief to appear in the land. at


    All the attendants agreed on this suggestion except one man, a believer from the people of Pharaoh who was hiding his faith.


    Allah Says, {And a believing man of Pharaoh's family, who hid his faith said: Would you kill a man because he says: My Lord is Allah, and he has come to you with clear signs (proofs) from your Lord? And if he is a liar, upon him will be (the sin of) his lie; but he is telling the truth, then some of that (calamity) wherewith he threatens you will befall on you." Verily, Allah guides not one who is a Musrif (a polytheist, or a murderer who sheds blood without a right, or those who commit great sins, oppressor, transgressor), a liar! "O my people! Yours is the kingdom this day, you are uppermost in the land. But who will save us front the Torment of Allah, should it befall us?)


    The page was then folded and the host said to Maqrur, "This believing man from the people of Pharaoh is the one sitting in front of you now and this was the situation that caused me to enter Paradise."


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