Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • Exploding Mountains

    The human gathering started to get nearer to the mountains. Masrur was completely baffled by the bursting of the sea and the turning of its waves into fire and smoke. As for Maqrur, he

    became sure now that he had been dead and then he had been raised to life again. Yes, Maqmr was right: there will be a life after death.


    But, how could it be possible for a sole man, like Maqrur, to realize a truth that was totally concealed from a whole system. Masrur approached Maqrur. He started to feel secure beside him.


    Masrur asked, "What is going on and what does it mean?"


    Maqrur replied, "This is the Day of Resurrection."


    Masrur said apologizing, "In fact, you had spoken the truth. I hope you are not angry with me for the death sentence I gave you."


    This time, Maqrur did not reply. His feeling of surprise was much greater than his feeling of honor.


    But, Masrur had considered his silence as a kind of hidden enmity. Thus, Masrur moved away from him. Deep within himself, Masrur felt that great danger was awaiting him. He tried

    Several times to flee from his watchmen. Sometimes, he was inclining unexpectedly to the right side or to the left, and then he tried to hide amidst this human gathering. At other times, he

    tried to runaway very quickly but he finally discovered that his attempts were in vain and wherever he tried to flee, the watchmen would remain in front of him and behind him.


    In fact, they were adhering to him in a strange way that filled Masrur with utter despair and failure.


    Thus, he started to think that he should seek assistance. He thought that if the head of his soldiers, the spymaster and the head of the night watchmen were with him, the whole situation would have changed; at least he would have felt secure. Thus, he started to search for them. He looked everywhere around him but he realized the failure of his attempt. Searching for somebody in

    Such a huge mass was like searching for a needle in a haystack.


    Masrur felt total imprisonment. Helplessly, he was driven amid a huge gathering that was, like him, being driven too. But where were they going? Nobody knew.


    When this mass approached the mountains, an appealing scene took place. The unseen powerful hand of the Almighty pulled out the mountains from their places and He raised them in front of that gathering to leave space for this mass to stretch and expand. All the heads of mankind were raised up to watch and perceive this horrific scene.


    The mountains were passing as unnoticed as the clouds. Then they started to crumble into powder. After successive explosions the mountains were pulverized and became like scattered dust and smoke. The earth was smoothed to a level plain without any crookedness, protrusion or curving. It had been really a fearful scene. This mass of human beings started to spread all over the earth after the mountains were pulverized.


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