Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The Bursting of the sea

    Masrur stopped walking. So, the one who was with him asked, "Why did you stop?"


    Masrur asked angrily, "Where are you taking me?"


    The driver did not reply to his question and the witness pushed him from behind and said to him, "Do not you see that we are all commanded? Move forward and do not hinder the way."


    Masrur started to move again and Maqrur was walking beside him but in a slower manner.


    Maqrur was soothing himself with the constant remembrance of his Creator. He was saying, "O Allah, help me!" Also, Maqrur realized that he was being watched by somebody, who was leading him and another one, who was walking behind him like his shadow.


    Maqrur asked one of them in a low voice, "What is going on?"


    The being answered him amiably, "This is the beginning of the Day of Resurrection."


    Maqrur said, "If such great terror is only the beginning, then what will the end be like?!"


    The being said, "Hurry up!" And they started to walk again.


    Group after group, nation after nation and people after people were raised to life from death. The earth was over crowded with people coming out of their graves and this was a clear sign of the end of the universe - the previous world — that they had known before.


    One of the dead who had been revived again cried out,

    "Look at the sea."


    All eyes were directed to the sea, which was dying too, but, In its own special way. The sea burst forth like thunder in the air. Each molecule of its water and each nucleus of those molecules exploded. The fine weather of the sea turned into blue scorching heat while its water turned into fire and smoke.


    Masrur and Maqrur stood amidst this huge gathering contemplating what was going on. They used to know that water puts out fire. It was one of the fundamental facts known to them of their previous world. But today, this fact had changed. Water no longer put out fire; on the contrary, it increased the fierceness of its blaze. Thus, this gathering started to move away from the sea.


    The number of people who were coming out of their graves was continuously increasing. lt seemed that earth was casting out a limitless number of human generations. There were so

    Many men, women, children and old men with different faces, colors, languages and features of horror. This huge human gathering, amidst which Masrur and Maqrur were no more than

    Two small points, was stretching and expanding all the time. There was a mountainous chain at the end of that scene, which was hindering the expansion of mankind.

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