Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The Resurrection of the dead

    The earth cast out what it contained and what were in the graves were scattered, the dead were raised to life after death. This time, the souls would never be separated from the bodies again. The current of consciousness was reconnected after it had been cut off. They were all naked, barefooted and dusty.


    When Masrur was revived in his grave, he found Maqrur standing beside him.


    Masrur asked him roughly, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"


    Maqrur said, "O my God! Were we not dead?"


    The words of Maqrur caused great and sudden fear to Masrur.


    Thus, Masrur feeling terrified asked, "I think that I have met you before, your face is not strange to me. Are not you the man we accused of treason?"


    Maqrur answered him, "Yes, I was accused of treason as you said. The accusation made against me was that I believed in the Day of Resurrection and truly we are today raised from death."


    Masrur said arrogantly, "You fool! We were dreaming, it was a dreadful dream. Where is the head of the night watchmen?


    Where is the spymaster?"


    Deep within himself, Masrur started to think of Maqrur. He might be telling him the truth, he might have truly died. It could not have been a dreadful dream as he had thought.


    Actually, the scene of the unknown guest, who presented to him the inevitable cup of death was not a dream. Moreover, the scene of the grievous torment in the grave was too harsh to be a

    dream. Then, it seemed to be that he had really died and then was revived again. This idea conjured up fearful thoughts within him.


    Masrur contemplated Maqrur and he suddenly felt deep regret. It had been actually impossible for such a poor man to conspire against him. How could he have sentenced him to death? He now felt that the decree had been issued in haste but, he was not to be blamed. How could he trust the man and all the reports that were presented to him by his vizier and the spymaster confirmed the opposite.


    Masrur noticed that he was walking unconsciously. There were thousands of dead people who were raised up from the same grave and they all crowded into the direction of a certain hole that was leading to the earth.


    Masrur asked himself, "Where am I going so fast like that? Who ordered me to get up? Where are my clothes? Where is my palace? Where are my servants and soldiers? Who enjoined me to be raised from death and who moves my legs? Where is my power?"


    All the dead were hurled out. Mankind got out of the hole and started to walk upon earth. The sun was also different from the one he had known. It was getting nearer and nearer to the earth and was dying at the same time. Masrur was overwhelmed by a mysterious fear. He noticed that there were two unknown beings walking with him.


    One of them was walking in front of him as if he was driving him somewhere without speaking. The other one was walking behind him. They attended to him in a way that resembled the strict adherence of a criminal to the witnesses. Thus, Masrur realized that he was not free to walk as he wished. Also, he realized that he was certainly arrested.


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