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    CHAPTER 17



    A "born-again" had been boasting how he used
    to pinch 10 cents from the church collection plate for a "milkshake",
    and how he used to tie his drunken father ". . . in the barn . . ."
    — the same barn where he used to see his ". . . mother lying in the
    gutter in the manure — the bathroom of the cows — beaten so badly by my
    father. . .
    1 now he does another confidence trick upon his readers. He
    quotes the above verse
    (John 20:25)
    from his American Bible without giving the reference.
    2 And after
    the words, "I will not believe", he begins a new paragraph with
    the words, "AT THIS POINT, Jesus said to Thomas", quoting again
    from the Bible without giving the reference. St. John, gives a lie to
    this cultist by saying,

    "And, AFTER EIGHT DAYS, again his disciples were
    inside, and Thomas with them; then CAME Jesus . . "

    (HOLY BIBLE) John 20:26

    1. The
    sickness is so cultivated that when this type of tripe is narrated, the
    "born-again" Christians go into ecstasy with their "Alleluyas!"

    2. On
    the same page 20 of "The Resurrection Factor" the author gives
    four other quotations, with references for everyone! On the following
    page he gives three quotes, also with references. But the verses where
    he wants to deceive, no references at all.



    Another of these cultists, claiming to be a lawyer by profession,
    supports his reborn brother from America with yet another lie. He says
    on page 120 of "The Islam Debate", that "Deedat has recently
    made a big issue of the stone which sealed the tomb by publishing a
    booklet entitled Who Moved the Stone? In it he suggests that the
    stone was moved by two disciples of Jesus who were Pharisees — Joseph
    of Anmathe'a and Nicodemus (page 10). But in his booklet Was Christ
    Crucified? SUGGESTS
    it was a Super-Woman (page 25), IMPLYING
    that it was Mary Magdalene." (Emphasis are mine).

    How can a born-again Christian and an Attorney-at-Law lie? To
    ensnare his victim he even quotes the page number,
    The book has been out of print for very long. Even if you had
    a copy, you were not likely to check it up. The cultist sounds so
    cocksure! But the "Gospel-Truth" is that my actual words are:


    Where is the suggestion that it was Mary Magdalene? Where do I
    that it was Mary Magdalene? But for these sick people,
    whether American or South African, every trick in the bag is
    permissible to clinch a convert for Christ. I "throw in the towel", I
    am not prepared to give battle to every false charge, and I want you to
    do the same. You simply deliver your message the best way you can, and
    leave the rest to God.



    Biblical scholars are coming to a conclusion that the
    "doubting Thomas" episode is of the same variety as that of the woman
    "caught in the act"
    (John 8:1-11), i.e. it is a fabrication! But as the orthodox will not allow
    this interpolation —
    (John 8:1-11)
    to be expunged from their Versions of the Bible, he exhibits a similar
    stubbornness in dealing with the verses about "putting fingers
    into the print of the nails"
    (John 20:25). For the present we will deal with them for what they are

    The Romans had no special reasons for being
    vindictive towards Jesus as compared to his two "crossmates". Why make
    fish of one (his "crossmates") and fowl of the other (Jesus), i.e. to
    have the two tied with leather thongs to the crossbar and to have Jesus

    Not "at this point", as the cultist alleges,
    but "eight days" later, Jesus walks once more into the
    upper-room, and he finds Thomas there this time. And according to John,
    he commanded Thomas to. ..

    ". . . Reach hither thy finger, and behold my

    and reach hither thy hand, and
    thrust it into my side;

    and be not faithless, but believing."

    (HOLY BIBLE) John 20:27

    Thomas realises the heel he has been. He had signally
    rejected every proof that Jesus was ALIVE! Every other disciple, beside
    Judas Iscariot the traitor, had testified that they had seen Jesus and
    felt him and eaten food with him, but Thomas WOULD NOT BELIEVE!.
    What would he not believe? That the living, pulsating Jesus was making
    his rounds — Not a ghost of Jesus. Now, being confronted with the
    PHYSICAL reality of his presence, demonstrating his physical, material
    body, he was forced to exclaim,

    "My Lord and my God!"

    (HOLY BIBLE) John 20:28




    Did Thomas realise at that juncture that Jesus
    Christ was his Jehovah? Did he and the other disciples fall down in
    prostration before him. Never! His words were the words of
    self-reproach. We utter them daily, "My God! What a fool I have
    been!" Are you addressing your listener, as your God?


    For further details regarding the false claim that Jesus was God, see "Christ
    in Islam"




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