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    1 Aadhaan The call to prayer, called for the minaret five times daily.
    2 Ansaar Helpers. The Muslims who were resident in Al- Madiinah and helped those who emigrated from Makkah.
    3 Dhuhr The noon prayer, one of the five daily prayers.
    4 Duha An optional prayer, one of the five daily prayers.
    5 Al-Faatihah The opening surah of the Qur'aan, recited in each raka`h of prayer.
    6 Fajr The dawn prayer, one of the five daily prayers.
    7 Fatwah (Anglicized plural used in text) Islamic legal opinion based on the Qur'aan and hadiiths.
    8 Fiqh Islamic jurisprudence.
    9 Fitnah Sedition, disorder, trial, affliction, temptation.
    10 Hadiith (Anglicized plural used here) a saying or action of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the sum of them being the second basis of Islamic law after the Qur'aan.
    11 Hajj Pilgrimage to Makkah.
    12 Halaal Lawful according to Islamic law.
    13 Al-Arqam The house of Al-Arqam which was used as a meeting place by the earliest Muslims in Makkah.
    14 Haraam Unlawful according to Islamic law emigration. The first two Hijrahs were those of the Companions to Abyssinia. The Hijrah from which the Islamic calendar begins was that of Muhammad (PBUH) and his Companions from Makkah to Al Madiinah.
    15 Al-Hijr A spot next to the Ka`bah.
    16 Ijtihaad Islamic legal opinion based on analysis and analogy.
    17 Iaaam Leader prayer leader.
    18 Jaahiliyah The Period of Ignorance, i.e. paganism, before the revelation of the Qur'aan.
    19 Jibrill The Angel Gabriel.
    20 Jihaad Fighting or struggle in the cause of Allah.
    21 Jizyah A tax paid by non-Muslims living under a Muslim government.
    22 Ka'bah The cube-shaped in Makkah which Muslims circumambulate during the Hajj rituals. It was first built by Prophet Ibraahiim (Abraham).
    23 Khawaarij An early splinter group within Islam. Originally supporters of Imam `Aliy, they broke away from him when he agreed to arbitration in his dispute with Mu'aawiyah.
    24 Muhaajiruun (sing-Muhaajir) Emigrants. The Muslims who emigrated from Makkah to Al Madiinah
    25 Mujaahid One who fights or struggles in the cause of Allah.
    26 PBUH Peace be upon him.
    27 Quraish The ruling tribe of Makkah, to which the Prophet (PBUH) belonged.
    28 Rak`ah (Anglicized plural used in text) a unit of prayer consisting of a series of motions: standing, bowing, prostrating, sitting and prostrating again.
    29 Sunnah A practice of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is imitated by Muslims.
    30 Surah/Surat A chapter of the Qur'aan.
    31 `Umah Nation; leader
    32 Umrah Minor pilgrimage to Makkah.
    Men Around The Messenger
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